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Would you move to Wimbledon? two young kids and just found out we must move out of our home in two months!!!

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Mamabear12 Tue 25-Feb-14 07:26:59

I am quite stressed about this, as I found out we need to move out of our home in two months. Our landlord is returning to the country and wants to move back in! Not good timing at all since we are going to the states next week for 4 months! That leaves my husband to make the decision of where we move! I have say of course, but will not be able to actually view the place!

Right now we live right near a drop in centre, a great montessori school (my two year old goes to this), gamabdos, gym with an excellent baby pool and creche!, parks, I have a two year old and a baby. I am used to this location and do not like change! I do not feel ready to move!

We were thinking of perhaps moving to wimbledon in the future bc we want more space and the catholic school there is excellent, versus where we are now, the catholic school is rated good on ofsted. We also wanted to send our daughter to the norwegian school in wimbledon to learn the language for one year (her father is norwegian and speaks to her in norwegian, but we wanted her to meet other kids and really learn the language).

Anyway, im worried about moving to wimbledon. I heard its great for kids...but is it difficult to get into daycare there? R there drop in centers (where u can drop in with ur kids for play cheap play sessions)?

Please if you have any advice about moving to wimbledon...please let me know.

AntoinetteCosway Tue 25-Feb-14 07:46:13

I don't know about living there with children but it's a lovely place. Wimbledon Village is particularly nice.

Aliama Tue 25-Feb-14 08:04:53

I used to live in Colliers Wood, which isn't far from Wimbledon (and is very up and coming with a lot of money earmarked to be spent on it.) Wimbledon is a lovely area, loads of parks, and the council run gym has an excellent crèche.

Lots of playgrounds (although maybe more towards CW than Wimbledon that I know of), the hospital is very close, Dean City Farm, and there used to be (think there still is) a really nice little soft play cafe tucked away in the town centre.

I did take DD to a few mum and toddler groups, so there are some there.

sisterofcaleb Tue 25-Feb-14 11:49:55

Hey mamabear I live in Wimbledon. It is awash with young families. There is tons to do - mum and toddler groups, soft play cafes, library, parks. Seriously hard to imagine there could be more really.

Only thing I don't know about is childcare as I'm a SAHM. But plenty of my friends have their babies in nursery.

Its quite expensive in general, hence we are moving a bit further out. I know our new area quite well and still feel nervous so I do understand how you feel!

Hope it goes well.

Mamabear12 Tue 25-Feb-14 11:53:18

Thanks. The more I research, the more I think Wimbledon would be good. We would get more space for same amount we now pay. I don't like change much...ESP if I don't know the area. Hoping we make the right decision!

ZuleikaD Wed 26-Feb-14 06:49:16

I've lived there and it's lovely.

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