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minimum to spend on a 2 year old per month

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zoya1987 Mon 24-Feb-14 15:39:03

Hi, Im a single mom. And recently I was told that spending 100 pounds a month or more on a 2 year old basic needs such as food, nappies, wipes, clothes etc is too much and was Wasteful
So I just wanted to hear the thoughts of other parents too.
Im sure 100 pound is possible but I also think that would not really suffice in the uk to raise a child per month.
But to give a 2 year old a good life, am I lavish if its above the 100 pound a month mark? I love my son, I feed him well, and clothe him well, and I take him to playgroups, and we have lots of fun with painting and crafting.

ZuleikaD Mon 24-Feb-14 16:01:37

Wow - we don't spend anything like that on all three combined! Foodwise it's probably about £15 per week for all three; all their clothes are from ebay or handmedowns; we use old newspapers, cereal boxes etc for crafty stuff. Our one indulgence is books - we probably spend £15 a month on books (again a lot of second hand). We use washable nappies too. So yes, I'd say that upwards of £100 per month for one toddler is a bit excessive.

Sirzy Mon 24-Feb-14 16:04:14

That does sound a lot. But it you can afford it then what's the problem?

weeblueberry Mon 24-Feb-14 16:05:06

If you can afford the £100 does it matter? If you either have it spare, or don't mind being without to spend it I don't see why it matters. Obviously your son could have a perfectly good life without it but if you want to spend it who gives a poop?

gretagrape Mon 24-Feb-14 16:05:17

If you can afford the £100 then it doesn't matter. If you can't afford it then yes, it's a lot, and you could definitely spend less if you needed to.

You don't need to spend £100 on them to give them "a good life" - there are plenty of things you could do for free and just spend money on essentials/secondhand stuff - but if you're happy spending it then who cares what people think?

littlemslazybones Mon 24-Feb-14 16:09:46

It probably is wasteful but it's your money to waste however you like.

My two year old cost us £200 per month on speech and language therapy alone which we managed by not spending much and playgroups and unnecessary clothing - but i'm pretty sure he still had a good life because at two all that you require is a nice family.

KatAndKit Mon 24-Feb-14 17:00:10

I have an almost 2 year old. I buy cheaper nappies and wipes and spend about a fiver a week on them, sometimes a pound or so more. I buy clothes every few months as required, no idea what it is per month but mostly supermarket stuff with a couple of nicer outfits in each size for best. I'd guess it averages out at about £10 a month now that each size lasts longer, I expect it will be cheaper now that he is growing less quickly. Shoes cost £30 and so that is about £10-15 per month depending on how long they last. I tend to go to free playgroups and only spend 50p for refreshments there. Even so, things like going for a swim a couple of times a month would cost a fiver a time. So that's already £50 in total with no luxuries included!

I personally think £100 sounds quite expensive but not ridiculously lavish once you have factored in nappies, clothes and shoes. If you need to save money, clothes, toys and activities are areas where it is easy to cut back.

zoya1987 Thu 27-Feb-14 20:09:28

Thank you everyone for the really grateful for it xxxxx smile

sillymillyb Thu 27-Feb-14 20:18:11

See I was thinking £100 wasn't very much at all!

I am getting through a pair of shoes every month or so, so £15-35 per month. Nappies and wipes are say £20 a month, clothes, erm say £20ish.... what else? food / milk is about £20 a week so £80 a month alone!

Activities say swimming once a week is £5, soft play once a week £5, park and cafe is £5 a week (cake and juice is a treat for us!) appreciate none of these are essentials mind.

I didn't think I was excessive but maybe I am. No wonder I'm broke!

bakingaddict Thu 27-Feb-14 20:30:34

But £100 a month is only £25 per week. You are doing super to get everything you need for that amount. Does that include days out too with your little one?

jojane Thu 27-Feb-14 20:31:37

I don't think it is excessive
Nappies and wipes £20 a month
Food I would say £50 a month
Soft play once a week £20 a mont
Toddler group £5 a mont
Clothes/shoes/winter coat/gloves and scarf/sun hat/wellies/swimming costume/socks/pjs etcetc even if you buy second hand would easily be £30 a month averaged out
Medicine -teething powder, calpol, plasters, toothpaste, shampoo, bubble bath, sudocreme, etc £5 a month
Treats - odd ice cream, drink, colouring book, book, crayons, playdoh etc £5 a month minimum
Birthday and Xmas spread out £10 a month but I reckon most people spend more than that

So that is £145 a month

littlebluedog12 Thu 27-Feb-14 20:41:17

I don't think it is excessive if you are doing toddler activities etc. My 3yo does swimming once a week which is a fiver, an arty crafty group which is another fiver, so that's �40 a month already! We also sometimes go to toddler groups which are �1 or �2, sometimes soft play which is �3.50, it all adds up. And that's before you factor in nappies, food etc.

So while I am sure it can be done for less, I don't think �100 is wildly extravagant.

sillymillyb Thu 27-Feb-14 20:48:25

Also, who told you the £100 a month was excessive? I'm a lone parent too, my ds sees his dad once a month. He complained that he paid too much maintenance, so I wrote him a detailed break down of his costs and asked him to Go halves instead (it was more than the maintenance he was paying) he soon shut up grin its no one else's business how you spend your money on your little one. Tell them to bog off!

Bedsheets4knickers Thu 27-Feb-14 22:43:05

£100 sounds like a bloody cheap month to me. It's nobody's business how much you spend .

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