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Best place for bunk beds which can be made into two separate beds/ what to do?

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TKKW Sun 23-Feb-14 17:40:47

Hi all,
looking to buy bunk bed that can be made into two separate beds while we are waiting until our children are old enough to use a s bunk beds.

DC1 is 3 and DC2 hasn't arrives (im 31 weeks pregnant), so we were thinking of just assembling one and leaving the other as a flat pack until needed.

We have one double room and box room so was thinking whilst children are under 10, would be able to have them sharing the bigger room for a couple of years. I would like option of them being two separate beds incase sharing wont work.

Im not keen on buying a toddler bed and I think DC1 is too little for a 'mid sleeper" style bed.

Looking for solid pine and under £400 as will still have mattress to buy.

Spotted these on John Lewis website but no reviews:

Has anyone got any ideas?


TheGreatHunt Sun 23-Feb-14 19:08:18

Warren Evans do nice beds but bunk beds out of your range. You could get the sleepover bed which us two beds but you have it set up as one. So you could put ds in it until the youngest is older then split into two. Not a bunk bed. You can get a small single which is perfect for a young one as bigger than a toddker bed. We have a warren evans small single which is great. They assemble it all for you as part of the service. here

You could the mattresses elsewhere.

fizzly Sun 23-Feb-14 23:13:19

M&S have one I believe. Actually loads of people have separate-able bunks. We are in the market for some too but haven't got round to buying yet.

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