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advice on long distance dad

(2 Posts)
Nic854 Sun 23-Feb-14 15:11:48

Hi I am a single mum of 4.. last year me and the children's dad of 10years split up.. He has moved to opposite end of country to be near his family so is about 6hours car journey away from us. When He left cause of his situation I never asked for anything or Said id contact csa but when he found a job.. Any offer of what the boys need would be truly appreciated. However he now.has a fulltime job.. New gf who has 2 children but still hasnt offered to pay towards his 4 boys. He says when he comes up he's spending �200 a time and if he was to pay weekly it would make it difficult in him seeing the boys. What advice does anyone have?

RandomMess Sun 23-Feb-14 15:13:30

Go via the new CSA equivalent and get some maintenance from him...

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