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My 5 Year Old is Driving Me Crazy!

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mykidsruleschool Fri 21-Feb-14 15:41:57

My 5 year old dd's hamster recently died. She has been acting strange lately but when she found out it died it was like a downward spiral. She never talks to me anymore and has hidden the dead hamster somewhere in the house and won't tell me where! I'm worried the dog will find it or it will start decomposing leading to more vermin. How do I get her to tell me where it is? I am v worried. Please help!!

RebeccaJames Sat 22-Feb-14 22:13:23

Hi, OP. Can you reason with her and explain what will happen if it is left, and say that the right thing to do is bury it. Maybe ask for her help finding a good box to bury him in, and say she needs to decorate it as it was her hamster? Once she does that, she will want to put him in there and then bury him properly. She can make a little speech too?

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