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can mums or dads share how there day looks 13 months

(16 Posts)
sunshine1991 Fri 21-Feb-14 07:03:13

Hi just wondering if am doing enough si heres our day .
7am wake up
7.30 have breakest cup of milk
8.00. Housework while dd trys to help
10.00 nap fir hr snacj
12.00 lunch cup of milk
1.00 housework
2.00 go out ( soft play shopping group vists walk etc)
5.00 dinner
6.00 bath
7.00 bedtime story / light music
7..30 bedtime bottle
8.00 bed
9.00 housework/dinner
12.00 bedtime me
Thanks dont be shy on how i can change it

IUsedToUseMyHands Fri 21-Feb-14 07:06:09

What do you mean by "doing enough"? Are you unhappy with your routine?

KippyVonKipperson Fri 21-Feb-14 07:18:17

Hmmm, only thing I'd say is too much housework grin

Artandco Fri 21-Feb-14 07:19:06

Ours now a bit older but:

8am wake, play in bed, read
8.30am bath together/ dress/ me makeup etc
9am breakfast
10am-1 go out walk/friend/ etc, baby would sleep hour in pram around 10-11
1pm lunch
2-4 baby nap in cot. I would work
4-6 back out or chill indoors
6-6.30 baby nap in pram on way to pool
6.30-7.30 meet dh at pool nearly every eve and swim
8pm dinner
9pm bed for baby
9-12pm i would work

sunshine1991 Fri 21-Feb-14 07:20:52

Iam unhappy cant help but feel like am not doing enough

Barbamamama Fri 21-Feb-14 07:27:50

@sunshine what do you want to do more of? More with your baby or more for yourself?

sunshine1991 Fri 21-Feb-14 07:28:13

Ah fair enough what can i say am a werdo that loves housework smile

sunshine1991 Fri 21-Feb-14 07:29:30

Not doing enough for baby

Pascha Fri 21-Feb-14 07:29:40

Ds2 is 13 months old. He's a second child so the day has some structure because of ds1 anyway but this is typical:

7am up, feed, dressed
8am nursery run (for ds1)
9am-12 mix of out at groups/swimming/errands
12pm lunch on the go
12.30 nursery run
1pm home, nap
3pm-5pm play at home
5pm teatime
6.30-7.30 bedtime

It's not set in stone at all apart from nursery times but it's a rough structure to the day and I think it's mire than enough.

With ds1 I think I was much less busy at 13 months. We only started a toddler group when he was that age and the only other thing we did was swimming. Other than that there was fair amount of just being, much less actual doing.

Pascha Fri 21-Feb-14 07:37:59

If you want to do something for baby I would suggest when the weathe r gets nicer just sack of the housework and go out mid morning after nap, have lunch out somewhere - library, sandwich in the park, muck about on the beach, coffee shop, etc, come back tired and ready for a nap early- mid afternoon. Or join a structured class. Swimming is my choice, half an hour in the pool = tired happy child and a good excuse for cake for me.

belleface Fri 21-Feb-14 09:55:47

DD is 13m old. she goes to a CM 3 days a week, but on the weekdays when she's with me:

7am breakfast and play for a bit
9am nap
10am milk then usually out - pop to supermarket or toddler group or rhyme time or to play on the swings (depending on weather / what's on / if we need shopping!)
noon lunch
1pm nap
2.30pm (or when she wakes) usually out again - meet friends at baby cafe or one of the above activities (depending on what's on etc.)
3pm milk (usually while we're out)
5pm tea
6pm bath, milk, bed

i'm clearly slacking on the housework front - i just do bits and bobs when DD is napping grin

KippyVonKipperson Fri 21-Feb-14 11:45:52

Well, if you get bored of your own housework you can come and do mine!

Honestly though, I'd say your routine looks really good, if it works for you and your baby is generally happy why change it. If you feel you aren't doing enough for your baby I don't think you should be looking at the routine, the best thing you can do with your baby is how much you interact with her. So for example, when she's awake do you leave her to her own devices all the time or do you make time to read together, play together, chat to her while you do your chores, make eye contact etc? You don't need to interact every minute of that day of course, but I'd say that's the key to whether you are doing 'enough' for her.

Even if you had no routine and stayed in all day with her, but spent that time positively, playing with her etc, that would be fine. Sounds like you've got a really good balance of quiet time, outdoors time, sociable time at soft play, independant play while you do errands etc, so to me your routine looks really good.

Maybe if you are feeling low or bad about doing enough you'd find it helpful to go to groups where you can chat with other mums? Do you have some other mum friends you can chat to or go for coffee with? I find sometimes by chatting with others in a similar position I realise we are all just doing our best for our babies, we don't always get it perfect every day but we muddle along and our babies are fine no matter if we plonk them in front of cBeebies for a few moments to run around the house and get a few tasks done.

attheendoftheday Fri 21-Feb-14 12:34:52

Dd2 is 12.5 months, but I have dd1 2.7 too. My routine is something like this.

5.30am dd2 wakes up (in bed with me). I lie with my eyes closed either giving a morning bf or waving toys at her until dd1 wakes at 6.30.

6.30am dd1 wakes and we all get up. Dds play upstairs while I get dressed and gather their clothes, dp will be getting ready too.

7am downstairs, cbeebies on while I sort breakfast and getting dressed (judge away, I care not).

8am walk the dog at toddler speed

9am go out, normally a toddler group, but sometimes swimming or shopping.

10.30am snack (if at toddler group this is incorporated).

11.30am go home, prep lunch

12pm lunch

12.30pm walk dog again. Dd2 normally goes to sleep in her buggy and I leave her sleeping in the hall.

1pm do things with dd1 that dd2 messes up e.g. jigsaws.

1.30pm dd2 wakes. Sometimes I have friends over, or we go shopping, or I try to do some housework while dds play.

3.30pm snack

5pm more cbeebies while I try to prep tea and do jobs, or dd1 plays on tablet

6pm dp home and have tea. He has dds while I wash up and try to get the million things done I have failed to do during the day. He'll do a bath if dds need one, but not everyday.

6.50pm upstairs for teeth, stories, bedtime milk and bed. We often have one dd each. We sit with dds while they go to sleep (i bf dd2 to sleep often).

8pm dp and I collapse on sofa and drink wine, pack bag for next day's activities, catch up on housework and go to bed early.

10pm-5.30am dd2 wakes 3ish times, we take turns hiding in the spare room.

I should say this is how things work on the days I have the dds. Dp and I both work 4 day weeks, so dp does things a bit differently on his days, and on some days the dds, and on other days dmil or dm have them.

attheendoftheday Fri 21-Feb-14 12:37:57

The only thing I'd add to your routine is more socialising for you! If I don't get enough adult conversation it affects my mood.

I find that several parents looking after a group of children is lots better than one parent looking after one or two kids.

MummyLuce Fri 21-Feb-14 13:44:11

I think you do waaaay too much housework!! I do maybe 20 mins max of housework and that's a good day. Also maybe get out in the morning.

8.00 get up and have breakfast
8.30 - 10.00 dress, clear up, read stories, do stickers, do make up etc.
10-12.30 toddler activity/ playground/feeding ducks then lunch out
1.00 till 3.00 nap time for toddler, i work, read, have a bath, have a snooze myself.
3.00 till 5.00 playground/library/coffee shop/walk outside with her push along truck thing
5.00 till 6.00 TV for me and stickers/books for toddler
6.00 till 6.30 toddler dinner
6.30 till 8.00 bath for both of us, story, milk, playing on bed.
8.00 toddler bed
8.00 till 9.00 TV or work for me
9.00 till 10.00 dh home and dinner
10.30 bed

sunshine1991 Fri 21-Feb-14 16:41:44

Thanks I think I'd try to get out in the morn with her . Tbh I don't have mates I've got family and dh but that's iti go to lots of groups with her but can't make mates sadly . Am going try messy play with her tomorrow .

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