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Help! One boob bigger than the other... Breast feeding!

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C4ALR Wed 19-Feb-14 09:20:31

Hi, I seem to have one very large boob and one tiny the difference being probably the small one an a cup large one a double dd, my son does favour the larger one but over the past week iv been trying to nurse the small one more often but it doesn't seem to be getting any larger it's just making the large one very large and painful. This morning it was rock hard with lumps and veins poking out..
I feel and look abnormal x

Bluesandgreen Wed 19-Feb-14 09:23:10

Persevere. It will right itself with time if you continue to feed equally on both sides! The same happened to me and I initially looked ridiculous but it did correct itself smile

Eletheomel Wed 19-Feb-14 14:04:16

To be honest, I still have this a little bit. The smaller boob (for some reason) rarely got engorged in the early months, but the bigger one frequently did.

Even now, if DS2 (nearly 9 months) is due a feed from the larger boob you can tell by looking (if I have my top off, you can't tell with a top on) as it is swollen up, but the other boob never increases in size when feed is due (still works perfectly well mind, just not physically noticeable). The gap between the two has lessened over the months, but you can still see it (well, I can).

No explanation for it, but it hasn't hindered breastfeeding in anyway, I just figure I have one boob more inclined towards engorgement than the other. I'd keep nursing from alternate boobs, don't favour the smaller boob it might just lead to you having more discomfort from the larger boob (if you keep missing feeds from that one) it's not necessarily going to increase its size (and you don't want too engorged breasts!)

Also, as I said above you can't tell the size difference when I have a top on, so it's not as though joe public can see - try not to worry too much about it, it will settle down and remember it's likely only you (or any other that sees you in your undies) that is aware of it just now.

RebeccaJames Wed 19-Feb-14 22:10:35

I have the same problem and 10 weeks on it has NOT righted itself. It's a real problem for me and I still hate feeding from what I call my mutant boob. I swear it produces less milk. It never gets engorged, although it does leak. I think I'm stuck with it and I just enjoy feeding from the "good" side more. So yours may or may not right itself and the only real problem is self-image.

TheGreatHunt Wed 19-Feb-14 22:15:32

Maybe your baby struggles to properly latch on one side so it never produces enough milk and is out of kilter? Mine are lop sided because dd only ever fed from one boob as she couldn't get on with the left one.
Worth seeing a bf counsellor for advice on holds.

Thesebootsweremadeforwalking Wed 19-Feb-14 22:20:21

DD had a preferred side in the early days, and I got a bit lopsided too (maybe 1-2 cup sizes). I made very sure she fed from both sides roughly equally and it did sort itself out by about 12ish weeks.

C4ALR Thu 20-Feb-14 05:00:29

When he was first born I never had a problem at all it's been the last few weeks, but it is very noticeable even with clothes on. If I use a pump nothing comes out but if I hand express it does so there is definitely milk in there.
I'm going to see a health visitor tomorrow to see what they suggest.

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