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If you had a good experience with CAMHS, what did they do?

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ragged Tue 18-Feb-14 13:32:43

Sorry this is long.
About a yr ago I saw GP about then 8yo DS who has a lot of behaviour, emotional & social problems. Often difficult at school. GP said she'd see what she could do; I wasn't aware that she was referring us to anyone. In July I had a phone call where someone identified themselves as part of a charity who could offer anger management classes for DS in our area in future. I said yes, got a letter, 2 months later another later about when the AM classes would be.

DH took DS to the classes 2-3 months ago but DS really did not engage. Did not recognise he had an anger problem & frequently asked "Why am I here?"

DS has been especially difficult at school & at home lately so I read about CAMHS on MN and phoned up GP ask about that; it turns out that DS was referred to CAMHS last yr, hence the AngerMan classes! I dug out the paper work we have about the classes and it does spell out CAMHS on a feedback questionnaire but not on the other letters. Maybe I've lost some paperwork or should have realised, I didn't know that I needed to keep detailed notes (I do now!). But they also said that DS had undergone assessment (has he? When? confused). So best I could do is take DS back to GP and then... I don't understand what more they might do.

I know people slag off CAMHS but if you had a good experience, what did they do? I am wondering if seeing a private psychologist would be better (but then I am not sure what they could do either, iyswim).


meiisme Tue 18-Feb-14 14:08:50

My boys are a lot younger and dealing with different problems, but our CAMHS psychologist is great. She works from a subdivision that also run parenting classes and works closely with the boys' nursery's staff. She is very experienced as a child (and parent...) psychologist, but also understands and can work 'the system', which is good when court or police might be(come) involved, as in our case.

insanityscatching Tue 18-Feb-14 14:26:41

Our CAMHS is hopeless but our paed referred ds to the psych at the top directly because in his opinion he was the only person worth seeing there. The psych was extremely accommodating of ds's needs because of the autism and put in a lot of work to enable ds to access an appointment with him. Ds didn't need psych support once we had secured a specialist education for him so our contact was short but I do appreciate and recognise the efforts the psych made. Wouldn't bother with the rest of them though purely from reports from others and the paed's opinion of them.

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