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Super clingy!

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Kiwikiss1 Fri 14-Feb-14 15:38:16

Hello, DS2 (13 months) has suddenly become super clingy. If I put him down he cries, he is only happy if I am carrying him (and he is not light!). This in turn has made his 2.8 year old brother become clingy as well in order to get attention and constantly wanting cuddles and not wanting to go to the childminder (they go 2 days a week). I feel like they are competing for my attention all of a sudden and I literally cannot move (getting dressed is a problem, I just have DS2 screaming at my feet). I am taking DS1 out for some one on one time with me tomorrow but does anyone else have any tips on how I can make them both feel secure again? Nothing major has changed and they do not do this to their Dad. Thank you!

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