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help with threadworms

(7 Posts)
nickEcave Fri 14-Feb-14 13:46:08

How do you deal with threadworms in a child who sucks their thumb? We all took the medication two weeks ago and me, DH and DD (7) were clear after a few days but I've just needed to give my younger DD a second dose as I saw them on her the other day. I'm sure the thumbsucking is contributing to reinfection but I don't know how to stop it. She is nearly 4 and does school hours in a nursery class and has just started after school club two days a week, so is obviously feeling quite tired. She sucks her thumb for comfort and when she is tired during the day rather than at night, so I can't really put thumb-guards on her when she is at school. I haven't tried the nasty tasting stuff you paint on yet as I think she'd just suck it off, but if anyone has had success with that, please let me know.

AndHarry Fri 14-Feb-14 19:52:59

It would definitely help to keep her nails really short and teach her how to use a nail brush, as well as going over again how to wash hands thoroughly.

5OBalesofHay Fri 14-Feb-14 19:59:45

Knickers in bed, and vaseline round bum so eggs can't stick. And short scrubbed nails.

CouthyMow Fri 14-Feb-14 20:02:07

Very short nails. Distraction when thumb sucking not that that works. I have a 15yo that still thumb sucks A LOT. The nail stuff never worked for her - she said it tasted gross but she was still going to suck her thumb!

NigellasDealer Fri 14-Feb-14 20:02:30

don't you have to give the medication twice anyway to deal with the life-cycle?

ThatBloodyWoman Fri 14-Feb-14 20:07:11

Clean nails in the morning ad the first thing.

onesie in bed.

nickEcave Sat 15-Feb-14 18:17:23

Thanks for the tips, I'll try them all. Unfortunately a lot of thumbsucking happens when she is tired at nursery in the afternoons and I'm sure that's where she picked it up from in the first place. I'm desperate to stop the thumb-sucking as her overbite is starting to get really noticeable, quite apart from the hygiene implications, but as she is away from us for most of the day it's really hard to know how to.

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