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How much does your dh play with children?

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workingonitagain Thu 13-Feb-14 21:08:37

Just wanted to know how much your partners do with the children. We have 3 boys and while my dp loves them a lot and showers them with toys and always thinks of them, he is not very good at playing with them in a group or even one to one and he does admit not being very good at it and he seems to get bored of them. He does work a lot of hrs and is away a lot and when he is back i always have high hopes for getting some rest of the children but i somehow always end up me playing with them as i feel sorry for them as they are always very excited to see him but he can't really deal with the sudden chaos and just ends up shouting at them... Anyone else?

Sunshine200 Thu 13-Feb-14 21:22:23

My DH doesn't play with ours much (although he would disagree), when he plays with our toddler it's on his terms, when he wants to - like a sudden burst of him
throwing her around & making her laugh for 10 minutes and then nothing for the rest of the day and expects her to entertain herself whilst he is glued to tv, laptop, phone. I'm
always the one that misses the good things on tv etc as she acts up if ignored all day, and we have a baby so it's an important to spend time with her right now.

cashewfrenzy Thu 13-Feb-14 21:28:48

I can see this from the other side.

DH is a natural. He plays from waking up in the morning until after they should be in bed. He has boundless energy, imagination and patience.

I find it really difficult to play. I'm awkward and self conscious, and I get bored quickly. I like quiet time alone. I struggle with noise, stream-of-consciousness chatter, constant questions and squabbling.

I sympathise with you both. Lots.

Longdistance Thu 13-Feb-14 21:42:46

My dh gets back from work, and takes over from me. He gets home late, so dd's have their dinner, and then he plays with them. Tonight, he cut out some crowns from a Disney Pwincess magazine. Then played snap with them. He does their bath/wash, and then I go help put them to bed, as dd2 goes to bed quicker, so do her story first. She falls asleep fast, and then dd1 gets a story.

Then on a Saturday I get my lie in, and he takes dd's to the park, for hours. It's got a museum and cafe attached, so has lots of things there.

workingonitagain Thu 13-Feb-14 21:43:13

That is exactly what my dp is like cashew and i agree it can''t be easy!

cashewfrenzy Thu 13-Feb-14 21:47:33

It gets easier as they get older. I like reading and writing and doing games with them, doing a bit of craft, baking stuff like that. I don't like NERF wars and play fighting and painting.

workingonitagain Thu 13-Feb-14 22:22:58

thanks cashew i think he ll be better with them once they are a.bit older ans calmed down a bit i just hope they will still be interested in him! x

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