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Ds chewing down the sofa

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Fatasfcuk Thu 13-Feb-14 19:23:15

Help please! My ds is a lovely boy,healthy and happy but very very naughty. How do i discipline him. Just an example of the few things he does-
Taking the foam of the sofa out and chewing on it. It looks like cheddar cheese now as it has so many holes in it
Tipping milk/water everywhere on the floor when he is satisfied.
Grabbing and pulling his willy when I change him, goodness the way he pulls it, I fear he might tear it off.
Throwing and destroying everything in sight. This is my first baby and I have never been around children so wanted to know if this is normal?. Any tips to make him stop doing it? He does not listen to me at the moment, no matter how is say it- calmly or shouty
And he is is 28 months.

ForgettableTampon Thu 13-Feb-14 20:04:49


first of all all meals and drinks at the table, clear up spills without comment (might be attention-seeking so praise praise where you can)

blanket over the sofa, or a cheapy sofa cover tjis kinda thing

wrt the chewing, he might well be cutting molars, so how about offering more crunchy type food for a bit - dry breakfast cereals, breadsticks, apple slices etc

throwing, yep, it's a Thing for some children, so offer opportunities to throw, balloons indoors, outside with balls

destruction, he might well enjoy magnetic toys like vehicles
this sort of thing or wooden train track

pulling willy, yep, looks OUCH but no harm done, so ignore

huge sympathies, the early years can be a bit of a grind [understatement]

Fatasfcuk Thu 13-Feb-14 22:54:47

Thanks for those links Forgettabletampon. The cover is a brilliant idea,will get one tomorrow. And ds loves his cars so the magnetic ones will appeal to him.
Yes he does love his crunchy foods, i give him all the things you mentioned.
I will post here again when he comes up with something else smile
Thanks a ton!

ForgettableTampon Thu 13-Feb-14 23:05:34

good luck my dear!

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