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11 month old whinging and crying alot and PND

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NessaWH123 Wed 12-Feb-14 12:22:13

Hi I hope you can help. I had a difficult pregnancy diagnosed with vasa praveia and was admitted to hospital for the final 3 months of my pregnancy and had a planned c section 3 weeks early. Since he was born my baby has been difficult. He cried and whined constantly and was interested in anything. You couldn�t leave him on a play mat or in a bouncy chair etc.. The consultant did say he may have had silent reflux and he is on a dairy free diet but I have been told to reintroduce dairy now. At 11 months I hoped things would have improved but he still is bad tempered, whines and tantrums a lot of the day. He is easily bored and I feel embarrassed when I take him out (which I do every day for my sanity) as he often creates, whines and cries. Nothing seems to interest him. I dread when he wakes as he always starts crying yet he does sleep well day and night now. I find motherhood boring and mundane and run out of things to do with him all day. I look forward to his bedtime and am going back to work in a few weeks which I am happy about. Yet I feel bad that I am happy the childminder will have to find ways to entertain him all day. I feel like a bad mother. I look forward to doing things like baking; gardening and taking my little one out for walks but at the moment find it all very difficult. I am so disappointed in myself for not enjoying being a mum at the moment and hope it will change one day. At times I regret having him. He is still not crawling or moving around really so I am sure he is very frustrated now. Any help or advise would be appreciated as this is really getting me down. I did go to the doc for possible pnd as have been on citralopram for 4 months now. I often meet other mothers who have babies the same age and their babies are so much more settled. Thanks

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Wed 12-Feb-14 20:24:26

Oh you poor thing. It is so hard sometimes.

First of all i think i would want to eliminate any medical reasons that might be making your DS uncomfortable and upset. Can you go back to the GP and get them to check for ear infection/UTI? Maybe get a paed referral if they think it is silent reflux? It can't be nice for either of you if your DS is miserable most of the time!

That said, I think around 11 months is a difficult stage. They want to be independent but can't always move/communicate yet so they are frustrated. For me it got much easier at about 14 months.

Do you go to any baby/toddler groups? No one will care if your DS kicks off there, everyone will have been in the same boat! Do you have any support from a DP/family? Things are always rosier after a couple of hours off to get your hair done/cinema/ wine

You are NOT a bad mother. This can be the most relentless, draining job in the world. Things will get better.

NessaWH123 Thu 13-Feb-14 12:40:29

Thanks for responding and ifeedemgunpowder i have a paed app next week but they usually say 'ah you are a first time mum arent you' and dismiss my concerns and then say he will hopefully improve over time fas his digestive system I dont seem to get anywhere. My husband is very good but of course at work during the day and all my family live away. I hope that as he gets to 14 months he will become more settled. He is definetly frustrated not being able to crawl. Thanksx

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