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Just wanted to rejoyce

(16 Posts)
secur Tue 09-Mar-04 11:48:54

Message withdrawn

mummytojames Tue 09-Mar-04 11:51:57

secur im glad you feeling this way it good to try and enjoy precios time with our children when we can (not always that easy) and if your on a high from it goo on you you enjoy it

Twinkie Tue 09-Mar-04 11:52:33

Secur I am so happy for you after the recent hiccup (or big burp!!) you must be soo fulfilled at the moment?

Can I say that I am soooo happy too - DD is the bestest little girl in my world and DP is like a mad looney - he is sooo excited and happy at the moment with the prospect of becoming a father!!

He had dream last night that he was at lots of work functions and had to keep leaving cause he wanted to tell everyone that he was going to be a dad and after I sent him a picture of groovy dress (I have bought for summer wedding in Italy)he questioned whether I would have a bump by the end of July - I said of course - is second pregnancy so should have at least a little one - his reply - I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!

He he he - I am soooo happy!!

MadameBeetroot Tue 09-Mar-04 11:55:57

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 11:57:30

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Tue 09-Mar-04 11:58:50

Secur - I could not have coped so well with all that you did, believe me - you are a star XXX

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 11:59:41

Message withdrawn

roisin Tue 09-Mar-04 11:59:49

That's great secur - give yourself a pat on the back for being such a great mum.

AND well done for 'catching them being good' too! Sometimes I only notice that they've been good for a couple of days when the suddenly switchb ack and start being horrid.

roisin Tue 09-Mar-04 12:00:32

...?! "A pat on the back"? I sound like ds's swimming teacher! Sorry UKWIM

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 12:03:21

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 12:05:52

Message withdrawn

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 12:06:27

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Tue 09-Mar-04 12:47:16

secur, i'm really glad you are feeling so happy!
I too think i'm so lucky to have dd and think she's an AMAZING little person and i am so honoured that she needs me for the next............years

I can't WAIT for another,(am trying)

I can understand how you would appreciate what you've got now with the last few weeks! You are quite amazing yourself the way you coped+

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 12:50:46

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Tue 09-Mar-04 13:05:06

You really are on a natural high!

secur Tue 09-Mar-04 13:14:56

Message withdrawn

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