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Breast Augmentation - How does breastfeeding alter them?

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bellaboo88 Tue 11-Feb-14 22:16:13

Hi ladies,

Had an under muscle BA a few years ago, now TTC. Just wondering if anyone had the same & successfully breastfed & how it affected them. Also how many cup sizes you went up?

I understand risks of implants etc, had them a long time ago & they're still super pert. At the time I was told I wouldn't be able to, just researching now x

clairikins Tue 11-Feb-14 23:48:05

It depends on how the surgery was carried out. If they damaged the ducts (just behind the nipple) then BFing is out of the question. If they removed or damaged the glands behind then it make effect your supply. And if they moved the nipple then BFing is a no no.

Getting breast implants when they cut under the boob (not under the nipple) and insert the implant behind the breast should not effect BFing. All of the parts for producing milk are within the first two inches of your breast, so having surgery behind that shouldn't effect BFing.

How it would effect your breast size depends

bellaboo88 Wed 12-Feb-14 22:27:48

Thanks clairikins, I'm quite sure that they went completely under muscle & caused no damage, I will still try I hope! A little bit of gravity won't hurt & fingers crossed if I'm finished having kids I'll have them redone. Moneys ring fenced for in case!! X

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