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Constant sibling bickering

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craziedaisy Tue 11-Feb-14 17:11:16

I have 2 dc's, ds is 6 years old and dd is 4 years old. At the moment it seems that all they do is fight. It is beginning to really make me sad. I know that brothers and sisters sometimes argue but this is becoming quite physical and I am constantly worried that one of them is going to get really hurt. It is more often my dd who strikes out first but her brother is good at teasing her. Just half an hour ago I called them to say that tea was ready and before I could get to the living room I heard 2 cries and found that they were both distraught with 2 different version of events. Both cradling their heads and a lamp had crashed over.

I had a younger brother and I can honestly say that 90% of the time we got on really well but I think that I probably was quite motherly to him and diffused situations. Can anyone suggest anything that has worked for them. I am afraid I got quite upset and told them it was terrible behaviour. I so want them to be friends. All my friends have children that play nicely together so don't really have any words of wisdom.

SweetieXPie Tue 11-Feb-14 18:01:50

I have the same problem, my older children are 5 and 3, (also have a 5 month old)
My older DC's are both girls and argue and fight constantly, over everything, I personally separate them and make them stand at either end of he corridor when they start up and I they fight over something, a toy for example, I just take said toy away and will not put it back in their bedroom for a few days.
Not sure if you have already tried all of this, I have a brother and my mum tells me that although I mothered human a lot he drove me mad and we ended up fighting a lot.

Someone may be along with better words of wisdom but I do feel your pain, their fighting drives me mad!!

SweetieXPie Tue 11-Feb-14 18:03:04

*Apologies for all on the bad grammar and mistakes, bf 5 month old at the moment

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