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Recommendations for Babysitter agencies ??

(2 Posts)
mumtosp Tue 11-Feb-14 14:38:18

Hi all,

I've been hunting for a babysitter for quite some time now but with no luck sad
I need someone who can come home and look after my 16mo DS so that DH and I can have the occasional date night and maybe go out on our anniversary... I have asked the local childminders but none of them babysit...

I've now turned to babysitter agencies and have come across quite a few via google... Don't know which ones are good and reliable...

Any advice would be highly appreciated...

TIA smile

mummyxtwo Wed 12-Feb-14 12:16:54 are very good. You can register online with them and rate your favourite babysitters, then they will always contact those babysitters first to see if they are free when you request a booking. The babysitters we have had through them were always excellent. You do have to pay a certain amount each month to be a member though, so it depends how often you'd need a sitter. Once every few months probably isn't worth it but more than that may be.

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