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Teething already - 1month old

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Anothermrssmith Mon 10-Feb-14 13:48:46

I might be being all PFB here but for the last couple of days my usually very content DD has been fussing and crying a lot more. Thinking she was hungry we've gave her an extra oz of milk which she takes but no joy,nappies changed regularly and everything else normal. However just noticed her gums have white spots on them as if her teeth are coming through, she's also been dribbling a lot more and has been sucking her hands as well. It seems way to early for her to be teething but it all seems add up to that. Does this sound possible or does anyone has any experience of this, or am I just being neurotic?

imip Mon 10-Feb-14 13:51:58

Babies can get teeth at 1 month old, they can even be born oth teeth!

Dd1 cut her first teeth at 12 weeks. She started biting my teeth, and it hurt! She was also one of the first to start losing her baby teeth (she is now 7).

Apparently if you are early to get teeth, you also start losing them early!

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