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prams that are back-friendly and light weight? ALL ADVICE WELCOME!

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miki123 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:25:15

I will be having our first child late May, and having had back surgery (for scoliosis - i.e. bars down my spine & fused vertebrae) and also a damaged lower disk, I was wondering if anyone would have any advice on which prams would be more back-friendly (and light weight as we also live on the 2nd floor with no lift)? Money is also tight so we were hoping to be able to research a good brand on Ebay…also ideally, the longer the pram can last for the better…a friend mentioned the Bugaboo Bee, does anyone know if this could be suitable, or have any alternative options? Many thanks for any help you can offer :-)

Artandco Sun 09-Feb-14 14:31:18

Take a look at the new babyzen yoyo 0+. It's lighter and folds smaller than the bee. It's also small enough to carry up and down stairs easy. As well as fits in hand luggage size on planes if needed. It is new ie this jan released so I doubt it will be on eBay ( only old version that isn't from newborn). But retails new around the £300 mark so not as high as most. And may get a deal in a few months time once out more

lucy101 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:32:33

Take a look at the micralite buggies. They are super-light and lovely to steer. I had a number of buggies (including Bugaboos etc.) and the micralite was the best and lightest allrounder. It also has a very cleverly designed seat that lasted my daughter a good 6-8 months longer than the Bugaboo (his head reached the top and it was too hard to push!).

lucy101 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:33:06

...and I bought mine on eBay too!

miki123 Sun 09-Feb-14 19:19:07

excellent - many thanks Lucy & ArtandCo, I will check them both out! :-)

Rockchick1984 Mon 10-Feb-14 10:10:52

Have a look at the baby jogger city mini, lightweight and one handed fold / carry so easier and no need to be bending down faffing with folding it up. Also nice big wheels for if you decide its easier to bump the pram up the stairs rather than folding it.

Do you have anywhere downstairs you could leave the pram, that may be an easier option for you? Mine lived in the boot of the car when I was in a flat!

HopSkipJumpTwirl Mon 10-Feb-14 10:18:35

I have the same issue as you. My consultant recommended either the Stokke Xplory or the Jane Trider. Both are tall, so you don't need to bend too far to lift your baby. Do try them out though. I found the Xplory really difficult to manoeuvre - but some people love it. The Jane isn't lightweight but as an all-terrain model, I have found it easy to pull upstairs.

GingerDoodle Mon 10-Feb-14 12:25:21

I had a Mutsy 4Rider which I absolutely loved (and I did / do some serious travelling with my mini). its high up (esp as a pram) and pushes like a dream. That said my version is bulky and not very stair friendly.

When DD got to 9 months I got my Cossato Yo which is fab - I regularly pick it up with 10.5kg 17 month old DD in it with shopping to cart up / down stairs at train stations.

miki123 Tue 11-Feb-14 07:39:44

thanks a million Rockchick,HopSkip & GingerDoodle - really appreciate the guidance :-) - i will research and try out all of the ones you guys suggested! x

MiaowTheCat Tue 11-Feb-14 13:54:18

Ask in the pushchair forum - they'll have a good few possibilities for you to look into.

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