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How can i encourage my children to play together?

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z4332 Thu 06-Feb-14 10:03:22

I have 2 children a very smart 5 year old girl who is a real tomboy with loads of energy and a 2 year old son who is a calm and happy boy. They love each other, my daughter loves helping out and shows him off at school, he adores and looks up to her. But she has some jealousy issues and is often very mean to him and can not play nicely with him. I know sibling rivalry is always going to be there but i just wish they would play nicely together. It's impossible for me to get any chores done as when they are left alone for more than 5 minutes she ends up hitting him and they are both screaming and shouting. How can i encourage them to play nicely together? Am i expecting too much? I had a similar age gap between me and my younger brother and i used to love playing with him. Any ideas would be appreciated. thanks

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