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Please help- 15 month old sleep

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Londonmrss Thu 06-Feb-14 08:14:20

DD settles easily and effortlessly each evening but wakes up every hour. When she wakes, she sometimes winges a bit then resettles herself, but more often then not, it escalates into full crying and we have to go in and resettle her. Resettling consists of getting her back from standing to lying down and that's it. She uses a dummy, but that's not the problem as she's usually still got it when she wakes. We've tried increasing or decreasing bedtime milk or porridge and it doesn't make any difference.
I took her to the doctor this week in case there is something wrong with her that I'm missing and there isn't.
We've tried one night of cc a while back and it wasn't for us- I don't want her to leave her to cry, although we always wait until grizzling escalates into proper crying before we go in.
She's been like this for a year now and it's a real struggle. I don't know what to do anymore. A good night for us involves waking 4 times and it's very rarely that good. Usually it's every hour and we end up co-sleeping.
She is so sunny and happy and easy during the day.
Doors anyone have any ideas why she is waking so often? I can't believe it's been going on this long. I've just always thought it would get better but now I'm just learning to live on practically no sleep and I can't cope anymore. In considering a sleep consultant if we can find the money, but just want to exhaust all other ideas first.

Londonmrss Thu 06-Feb-14 08:16:26

Oh and I've read ncss and found it deeply unhelpful- couldn't work or what I was actually supposed to do.

no, no advice just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

DS is 10.5 mo and I'm on my knees with exhaustion, he sounds like your DD. I did find that supper helps but once I'm in bed he wakes every hour and we co-sleep because it's all I can do to not cry with frustration getting up and down to his cot!

tried some sleep training, went awful and I ended up a wreck. that was at the advice of HV and Sleep Nursery Nurse (no, I've not a clue either....!) in order to help my PND.

can I ask, is your DD BF? my DS is, I was considering stopping if it helps sleep.....!


Londonmrss Thu 06-Feb-14 08:28:52

DD was bf until 10 months. I stopped because it was the right time for us (we'd had a real struggle with it all along). It definitely didn't make any difference to the sleep! No difference at all. If I was you I wouldn't stop bf for that! Sorry you're going through this too.

I did similar with my DD, BF to 13 mo but more because I didn't know how to stop so just carried on, I didn't have a great BF "journey" and similar to DS, she was a bad sleeper.

This time I've loved BF and want to carry on but everybody around me is telling me formula will help him sleep through. I know this isn't necessarily the case but you know how desperate you get, you start thinking of trying anything!

How much are sleep consultants and what do they do?

I put all my faith in the HV referral to the Sleep Nursery Nurse, waited 2 months from referral to visit, they were here 20 mins and the outcome was:

sleep training
crying won't hurt him
be firm
be consistent
he needs to learn I'm in charge.

DS had other ideas, my pnd did too!!!

it won't last forever eh!?

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