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Coping with third pregnancy and two lively kids, help!

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middleclassdystopia Tue 04-Feb-14 17:47:08

30 weeks pregnant with dc3

I feel like a failing mum at the moment. My eldest (8) seems angry at me sometimes and to be honest I'm not getting much one to one time with him. I do organise play dates and he has a couple of clubs. We've discovered a mutual love of Harry Potter so we read that together.

Dc2 is at nursery in the afternoons so I do try to read, bake etc in the morning but she moans that her friends do swimming and dance etc. She doesn't do any clubs but starts school in September so hope to start something then.

Maybe just my hormones but I feel like nothing is right. My dh is great but no other support at the moment for various reasons that can't be helped. My eldest and I have had some shouting rows recently, just his cheek and my lack of resilience.

How did you cope with pregnancy number 3 and older kids at school stage?

Any tips

baskingseals Tue 04-Feb-14 22:10:58

Don't be hard on yourself or them. Perhaps just have some rolling around on the sofa sessions, when no one has to be any where or do anything.
I used to have a lot of baths when I was pregnant with dc3, with the toddler, I would wallow for hours and he would use me as an island for his boats.

Try and slow down, deep breaths, don't panic, children have had to get used to new brothers and sisters since the beginning of time. One on one times is a good idea, but don't beat yourself up if it doesn't happen, I try and aim for 10 mins a day per child, that way it is achievable.

Everything is going to be fine, many congratulations. grin

middleclassdystopia Wed 05-Feb-14 07:30:49

Thank you. I've had a house move and bereavement to deal with this pregnancy as well. I'm not getting normal level of support from ILs either due to illness.

Think I need to slacken standards all round now I'm seven months pregnant. I'm always too hard on myself.

altogetherwonderful Wed 05-Feb-14 07:39:25

Preg with dc3 here too

I find just smiling more at my 2 DCs helps, sounds cheesy but helps everyone

They are simple creatures - snuggles on sofa after school every day, homemade hot choc & cake, telling them they're great, hugs, listening to them

Sounds very soft but all the above is really all my kids want esp when it's so cold outside

(also allows me to go slow too as 9mths pregnant with dc3 here)

Does your eldest want to talk about new baby? Or anything else bothering him?

Mine have been promised a new DVD each when it arrives they seem delighted with that

You've had a LOT going on OP - just think of you & baby, and slow it all down if possible

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