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Potty Training

(2 Posts)
vallinnapod Tue 04-Feb-14 14:17:23


I am sure this has been done to death smile

DS is 2.5. If I am honest he isn't showing a huge amount of interest in potty training per se.

He LOVES the whole theatre of going to the loo - i.e. wiping, flushing, hand washing. I keep telling him he can use the toilet too if he wants but no real interest. He like to sit on the potty if one of us is on the loo but we have only had one wee (by accident).

He has just started to get upset after having a poo and wanting to be changed immediately - which is great and again I have been telling him that if he tells us he needs a poo he can go in the potty/on the toilet, but again. Not that fussed.

Spoke to nursery about it today as he is there 4 days a week. They are great and have said that when they change him they will put him on the toilet for a bit so he starts to associate it. Then they suggested when he came home to give him time with his nappy off before bath time.

I was then thinking of going into pants at the weekend, I don't work on Monday so it gives us 3 days.

If it all goes to pot(ty) then I will just stop and leave it for a month or so.

I guess I am wanting to know if I am being silly off the bat and should leave it longer and what other people's experiences are.

FlyAwayToMalibu Tue 04-Feb-14 14:30:14

In exactly the same situation as you, except dc1 will use the toilet at nursery but not at home. Gv abd nursery told me to take away nappies completely except for sleeping.

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