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nick Jr...go go go/happy birthday song

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ilovemybabies123 Sun 19-Jan-14 07:52:36

Hi all,

This may seem trivial compared to some parenting worries you have but here goes...I don't know if anyone else has seen it but on nick Jr there are a few theme songs that are sung and danced to by 5 adults, 1 of which is a woman in high heels and a red dress that doesn't cover her bum, no tights just naked legs and is all over herself - pretty sure if she could make love to herself, she would. This is not the image I want my daughter seeing. I wouldn't want my daughter dressing like that when she 25 and out on the town let alone seeing it on a children's channel when she's 3. Don't understand why children need to see that at all.

FyI: I'm 25 and size 8/10 before you say I'm probably old and fat lol

Anyone else seen this? Xxx

TwatWeevil Sun 19-Jan-14 07:58:27

We don't usually watch Nick Jr but apparently the DCs did watch it once or twice when being babysat, so we put it on one evening as a change from CBeebies.

YANBU - we are not prudes and DH was shocked by the skimpy nightwear in the bedtime song. Haven't seen the other ones thankfully.

SpottyTeacakes Sun 19-Jan-14 08:01:22

Dd occasionally watches nick jr and I have to agree with you I think it's a bit odd especially as it's aimed at little ones (5 and under?).

DorisShutt Sun 19-Jan-14 08:02:46

Watching it now in the throes of a Peppa Pig marathon.

All the women have either short skirts or short shorts.

T'is very depressing.

ilovemybabies123 Sun 19-Jan-14 08:09:02

Hmm agreed. Surprised it's not been complained about/banned. Yes this channel is aimed at very young children. Unnecessary I think. Maybe directed at the dads? Tart haha x

ilovemybabies123 Sun 19-Jan-14 08:10:38

Also stroking her hair and shaking her bum around and the flicking of her dress to reveal some kind of puffy under garment, is also over the top

91chloejp Sun 19-Jan-14 12:22:38

Thank goodness it's not just me then. I find their whole routine very cringey anyway, but DS never really watches then when they come on, he's usually begging me to find peppa pig on another channel once it's over.

BigBugs Sun 19-Jan-14 12:42:58

Was watching with DD (3) this morning and thinking exactly the same op! Very unnecessary IMO.

ilovemybabies123 Sun 19-Jan-14 17:42:40

Maybe we should start a petition?

fairylightsatchristmas Mon 20-Jan-14 15:41:59

I started a thread about her in Chat months ago but no-one replied! I can't bear her - she simpers and manages to make a song about toddlers going to bed into a sex-kitten dance. I like all the others though - can't really moan about denim dungarees and primary coloured shorts (with tights underneath). I like the red head who does the "get along song" (its possible we watch too much Nickjr in this house smile)

IHeartKingThistle Mon 20-Jan-14 15:52:28

I can't stand it either.

Haggisfish Mon 20-Jan-14 16:18:15

Totally - they are clearly trying to represent all 'types', but I don't like the skimpy dresses either.

mommab123 Wed 16-Apr-14 15:32:01

Hi there... I am really new to posting on threads but this topic has moved me to write to Nick Jnr and let them know my concerns... Does anyone know of anyone who's raised concerns with them?

Emma1989x Wed 09-Jul-14 14:37:30

Sorry but i really dont see a problem with it. My daughter loves them and they dress no different to bands i liked when i was little - steps, s club 7...

geppsdood Fri 23-Jan-15 15:49:51

I know this is an old topic, but I actually made an account just to comment on this. This is ridiculous. I've seen the video in question many times. The lady we're talking about, Gemma is in a long sleeved nightshirt that completely covers her up from her back down to almost her knees. The shirt rides up a LITTLE when her arms are up as part of a dance routine, but nothing is on show.

There is one other girl in the bed time video who is wearing shorts. Shorts and a great big t-shirt. They're supposed to be wearing pyjamas. Guess what, my DD often goes to bed in shorts and a t-shirt. There's no sexualisation in if. There's no close ups of "booty" or focusing on on the shorts.

In her normal costume, in other videos, Jade is wearing dungaree shorts with big thick purple tights. Hardly a centimetre of flesh on show.

The group, in my opinion, are brilliant role models for children, whether make or female. They have catchy songs with cute messages, and I wish they were publicised more.

To even think there's ABYTHING sexual intended in any of their videos is absolutely absurd.

Thomastajd Fri 23-Jan-15 16:27:22

I must agree with geppsdood all 5 member of the group are dressed appropriately

I am watching that music video now to check and all 5 are dressed appropriately. You all are so cruel to Gemma undeserved in my opinion but everyone a key warrior behind a screen these days.

How can you say you want your children save and yet spot dirty language like this call the girls tarts shame on you.

no1dad2015 Wed 22-Apr-15 21:13:40

I have to agree with the original poster. It definitely seems like she's there for the Dads. My wife always casts me a suspicious look and raises an eyebrow when she comes on. it's funny though... the songs are catchy too. but she's always wearing skimpy gear relative to the other girls anyway. I'm not complaining too much.

Iamlegendiamdaddy Wed 13-May-15 07:34:00

she is there for dads! Leave it! I mean come on, this is what your complaining about when the amount of crap on children's television that has no relevance! At least my little one has a dance to the music, they have no idea about sexiness or anything they just see a pink dress. Waste your time with a petition or maybe try and stop them watching the same episode of Peppa pig for the 100th time or the hours of adverts! Sheesh.

Kelrocksbigtime Fri 26-Jun-15 08:16:13

I was looking for the go go go songs and came across this discussion. I have to say I don't have a problem with the way they are dressed, my 1yr old goes nuts over the songs, she loves them, as for what they wear, I honestly don't think (with her being only 1) that she has any thoughts about it one way or the other, she just dances to the music.

Gemmajc55 Tue 08-Sep-15 08:20:42

Firstly everyone's entitled to their opinion. But I just joined so as I could post on this! Seriously! This is madness, the songs are catchy and the outfits are fine, yes ones a bit short but that's life, I teach a levels and the girls come to lessons in the summer in hardly anything, there are young women in small outfits everywhere and that is fine, it's their choice so why worry!? I've got 2 little ones and have only come on here a few times and it's either this type of ridiculous 'let's start a petition' or 'you're a bad mum and terrible person' for stopping breast feeding etc! Someone will read this and be thinking well you're a bad mum for letting your child see a woman's knee or whatever the problem is but in actual fact it's self righteous people who want to criticise and complain. I bet it's a nightmare at mums groups with people that complain so much! Good luck to those that come on here for support, you'll need it!

SamuelBlower Wed 06-Jul-16 23:37:46

I don't actually like my kids watching Nick. Jr, because one time my older daughter (when she was little) racked up the telephone bill by calling the numbers she saw in the adverts. It's better to buy a DVD of the show (No ads, watch anytime they like)

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