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Tip of the Day: One more then no more

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twiglett Wed 03-Mar-04 08:32:41

message withdrawn

Mum2Ela Wed 03-Mar-04 08:37:57

Good tip Twiglett. I think I use somehting similar, I say 'last one then all gone', esp. when I want DD to eat juts a bit more of her dinner!

Bozza Wed 03-Mar-04 08:58:26

I agree Twiglett that works really well. It sort of lets them down gently - I suppose its a bit like "bathtime in five minutes" but more effective because they don't understand time as well. I use it for food (eg grapes), games we're playing, and videos (eg episodes of Bob or Thomas).

Angeliz Wed 03-Mar-04 09:01:40

When i say ,"right that's your lot", dd knows

Angeliz Wed 03-Mar-04 09:04:49

i think another thing that works with dd is making her beleive something she doesn't want to do was her idea.
Example- if she doesn't want a bath, i'll not tell her till the last minute when it's all ready, then i'll say, " O.k, you can have a little bath but you can't stay in all night as you're late for bed!". Nearly always works!

Jimjams Wed 03-Mar-04 09:42:38

Oh I suggested this in the discipline thread yesterday. its a classic technique you use with auti kids (I was taught it on an auti course) but works well with normal kids as well. In fact most autie techniques work well with normal kids as well

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