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10 week old worse not better, advice please.

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Ginnytonic82 Tue 31-Dec-13 17:22:53

Hi I'm afraid this is a long one but I've no idea where to turn for some advice. I've posted before about my baby Ds and his chronic wind. As stated in that thread we have tried everything from colief to massage to anti colic bottles to infant gaviscon.

Two weeks ago and somewhat miraculously Ds seemed to really settle down. The wind wasn't troubling him, his colic seemed to pass. It was a massive relief. However 5 days ago Ds began crying constantly for food. He went from 4oz every 3 hours to wanting 5oz every 1 and a half to 2 hours. Wasn't too concerned as I assumed it was a growth spurt. Following that (sorry for tmi) he had 5 dirty nappies. He had been slightly constipated due to infant gaviscon and was taking lactulose. The nappies all had different consistency and were a very pale yellow. Since then he has been constantly breaking wind and squirming in discomfort. His feeds have become totally erratic, he's taking 2oz then refusing, then screaming and draining 4oz and bringing it back up. He has also continued to poo several times a day and they are still much paler than they used to be. He saw the dr yesterday, who just said he's fine.

Is this possibly colic round two? Could it be something else? We had reflux and lactose intolerance ruled out. Has anyone been through similar with their Dc? I have pnd and felt there was light at the end of the tunnel, but now I've crashed back down as he seems even worse! If anyone has any advice it would be extremely gratefully received. I hate seeing poor Ds like this.

Ginnytonic82 Sat 18-Jan-14 18:44:19

Just wanted to update. Ds has been using infant gaviscon for a couple of weeks and it was doing him some good at first also he was given nutramigen milk. He had his first day on nutramigen yesterday and seemed more comfortable. However today is like the worst we've ever had! He is really unsettled, and crying an awful lot. We thought he was a little constipated this morning but he did have a bm, but even now at this time of night he is straining and crying. We feel a bit kicked in the teeth as yesterday was so positive it was as if we'd been handed a miracle cure, Ds was happy laughing and smiling - stupidly we started to make plans of doing the sort of things we thought we would with our baby,going out, swimming , visiting family and friends. Now we feel we are back to square one and our darling boy is more unhappy than ever. Back to paed on Tuesday but I really have given up hope that they can help.

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