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Child model agencies

(23 Posts)
SallyAnne Fri 15-Feb-02 13:54:16

Hello, I have two young children and both are beautiful with my five year old son being (and I know all mothers say this) exceptionally attractive and photogenic. Several people have told me "he should be a model" but I have shied away somewhat fearful of venturing into something I know so little about, other than it is pontentially rife with con artists or worse. Recently a friend of mine told me she had been modelled for catalogues when younger and said she had had so much fun and that I should give it a go. So, my question is, has any other Mum been in this position and what agency would you recommend or not recommend? We live near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Enid Fri 15-Feb-02 14:06:35

Only bother sending photos to the TOP agencies in your area, they will be the ones getting all the work. Bear in mind that you will have to go to lots of long and boring castings, and if your son doesn't have the right 'look' he won't get the job, however beautiful he is. Personality is as important as looks for 5's and under as they will be expected to behave well and do things they may not want to! Also, mums have to take a back seat during shoots as the art director etc will take over. Expect jobs to overrun ALL the time and there to be lots of boring waiting around.

None of this is supposed to be negative, just the facts. I used to book and work with lots of child models in a past life so I know that lots of mums found it less than enthralling! One mother and child travelled for 5 hours to come to a shoot I worked on, only for the baby to be so tired and fretful we couldn't use him anyway. She was furious. Also it was horrible having to reject children as its hard for the parents not to take it personally.

Sorry, I worked in London so don't personally know any in Scotland. You could telephone good London based agencies and ask them. I would recommend (in London) Little Boats: Tel. 0171 8432500 and Norrie Carr Tel. 0207 2531771.

Good luck.

Pupuce Fri 15-Feb-02 14:21:37

There is an article in this Mmnth Practical Parenting on this very topic with the name and numbers of several agencies - none in Scotland but one in Leigh, Lancs.

emmagee Fri 15-Feb-02 18:42:46

My two are with a London agency and the baby has had quite alot of castings and work recently, his sister has never even had a casting. Yes they can be boring and you should be prepared for alot of hanging around.

Two things which are really important are - never go to an agency who ask you to pay anything, not for a meeting, not for 'professional' shots, not for anything. If they are above board they will ask you to keep them updated with good face shots, height shoe size etc and then if they get work, they can also use those images for their files.

Secondly, only do it if is fun, as soon as you become disappointed or upset when your child isn't chosen, or get fed up of hanging around then stop. I have always said that it must never be a chore for the children or you.

Willow2 Mon 18-Feb-02 15:38:07

Re Enid's suggestions - sadly Little Boats has closed due to bereavement. I used to book and oversee lots of kids shoots too and they were always my favourite agency as they were so low key. Bruce & Brown seems to run on a similar line - don't have the number to hand but they are London based.

Charlie1 Sun 28-Apr-02 12:07:49

Dear SallyAnne, My Son was asked by a famous knitware designer to model for her books, I was very flattered and loved the idea of having these beautiful photos to keep forever. We took part in three shoots and it was said by all the photographers that ds was very photogenic and sugested that I contacted an agency. After much debate with dh we desided that it wasn't any fun at all (about as much as waiting hours to see the Doctor) and that his time would be better spent in the park or the pool. Also dh made a very impotant comment that ds was only 18mnths why does he need a job?

24hrmum Fri 23-May-03 20:29:57

has any one had any of their children registered with bizzykidz model agency,if so do u have any info thanks need urgently

codswallop Fri 23-May-03 20:31:09

doesnt sound like fun to me

badjelly Tue 27-May-03 10:10:57

I thought about registering my 6month old dd a couple of months ago but after making enquiries decided that it wasn't worth the hassle and it was much more productive to go and feed the ducks etc!

donnie Tue 27-May-03 10:41:36

waste of time if you ask me....can't see how any child would benefit from it except I suppose the cash in the building soc account would be handy in later life. I did some modelling in my early 20s and it was deadly boring, plus you are treated as a peice of meat with no personality or brains of your own.

donnie Tue 27-May-03 10:42:19

oops, excuse wrong spelling of piece !!!!

grommit Tue 27-May-03 10:47:24

My dh and his sister did alot of modelling as young children - tv/magazines. He says he has only good memories of it and they do have alot of lovely photos. Unfortunately his mum used the money made as income instead of saving it for the kids - this I thought was a bit rotten. I suppose it all depends on the personality of the child - I would push my dd (although she is very beautiful ) as she is very shy.

alesia Thu 08-Jan-04 20:07:36

I've just registered my baby with bizzykidz, currently applying for a licence. Do you know how long we would have to wait before getting some work?

pupuce Thu 08-Jan-04 21:12:40

well alesia - seems like they've been applying for their licence for a while as they were already mentioned in May !

mummylaura Mon 16-Aug-04 14:28:01

I have read loads of questions about Bizzykidz on here, but no-one seems to have answered them? I signed my son up last year with them and they are a really good agency. They are the only one that doesnt charge a yearly fee and I have had loads of work with them. Most of it was TV work, but that was what I wanted really cos he is at that age where he won't sit still for too long!!
I hope that helps anyone that wanted to know.

Blu Mon 16-Aug-04 15:00:06

We have had several offers for DS - but I have always turned them down, I can't imagine anything LESS fun for a small boy than being dragged in and out of clothing all day, waiting around, and being photographed under hot lights.

But good luck if it works for you, SalyAnne.

meysey Mon 16-Aug-04 17:09:29

mummylaura that's a relief as i was a bit worried about whether they were reputable.

emmagee, which is your agency or do you know which ones do not charge? even the top ones recommended by a stylist friend all seem to want an assessment fee. you get advice not to pay anything, but I have not come across a single one that does not charge.

I think whether to do it or not probably all depends on the kid's personality. My eldest would find it a nightmare, but my baby is very easygoing. I thought I might try it for a bit to get me out of the house and see if we get some nice photos. If it's too much hassle we can always stop.

hercules Mon 16-Aug-04 18:03:26

We were stopped on the street for ds for hennes. We had a look at where they were photographing but tbh not my cup of tea. Kids with makeup, gelled hair etc. We left.

kitlou Tue 22-Mar-05 10:18:56

I do not know wether to join Bizzy Kidz as they do charge a fee. They pay travelling expenses but is that also for auditions or only if she gets chosen to do the shoot. I have heard a reputable agency does not ask for any money, all the agencies I have looked at seem to charge something. Also has any one heard of Models Direct are they reputable as they are also interested again they want a fee think it is £116.00 for the 3 years.

KarenThirl Tue 22-Mar-05 10:50:41

A friend of mine was a fashion model in her youth, and currently runs a promotions business. Most agencies aren't particularly interested about typically 'beautiful' children, saying that temperament is more important. As others have said there's a lot of waiting around so children have to be patient, able to do what they're told ALWAYS (well, that rules mine out) and cooperative. Bear in mind that it's damned hard work especially for younger children, and involves lots of travelling to and from assignments. Not something to be considered lightly.

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Mar-05 11:09:05

Kitlou if you do a search for models direct there have been threads on them

Sorry can't remember the details exactly

kitlou Tue 22-Mar-05 17:19:49

I have found a few things on Models Direct just people saying don't go near them etc. There seems to be alot of positive feed back about Bizzy Kidz so it looks like I may go with them and just take the risk. The amount of times I hear people say if it is a reputable model agency then they shouldn't expect you to pay any money, now I have been reading that most agencies will do charge you so I am a little confused. Don't think hubbie is too keen I think he thinks it is a big con.

JBMUM Fri 25-Mar-05 15:20:31

You are right, most agencies do charge. Also, the agency does not pay any travel expenses at all, it is the client that pays and only if it is in their budget. Sometimes we get £15 for an audition, but other times we don't. It just depends on the job etc

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