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Changing my sons surname

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mummysbigsmiles Mon 11-Nov-13 01:13:17

My two boys are 6 and 3, their dad and his side of the family rarely see them, due to being a bunch of a******es! I'm looking to not so much change their surname but add my maiden name to the end... Like a double barreled surname.... I was wondering if to do that i would need my ex's consent too because he is on their birth certificates... Or can i just go on ahead and add them on? Ideally he wouldn't find out until i have done it..... Also does anyone know how much it costs , if anything?? Thanks!!

owlbegoing Mon 11-Nov-13 17:41:14

If you're going to change their names by deed poll then ordinarily you'd need your exes consent and signature BUT if you can prove that he's not contributing to their lives etc then you shouldn't need it. My DSis is in a similar situation and where she lives she doesn't need the twat to sign anything. Also because she's on benefits she gets a discount on the price, sorry I can't remember the cost.

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