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how much milk does a 2 year old need?

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MrsNormanBates Sun 10-Nov-13 15:53:02

Dd (2) has a morning and nap time bottle of cows milk. She has half a mug of warn milk before bedtime and is fine with no bottle and drinking out of a cup.

I want to drop bottles altogether but worried she won't get enough/as much milk without a bottle.

Is a mug of milk a day enough?

Thank you.

Tambajam Sun 10-Nov-13 16:11:27

A mug of milk can be enough provided she is eating solids well and has access to calcium, fats, vitamins and minerals from other places. If she eats 3 dairy servings a day, you'd be fine. A dairy serving would be a matchbox sized piece of cheese, a yoghurt (or 2 with some teeny servings), some tablespoons of creme fraiche or cream in cooking.

Some two year olds actually drink no milk at all. They might wean from the breast and never fancy the taste of cow's milk. It's not that unusual for these ex-nurslings to just drink water and get everything milk gives them from other places.

roweeena Sun 10-Nov-13 18:09:14

I think it's recommended about 300mls but my DS probably has about 100mls at night and then the rest is made up milk on cereal, yoghurt a cheese etc. he never really massively took to drinking milk after I stopped breastfeeding

SpookedMackerel Sun 10-Nov-13 18:16:11

Dd doesn't drink it at all. I stopped breast feeding her quite late, and so she was never in a routine of drinking cups of milk. She eats cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter.

I didn't even realise over 2's were meant to drink milk.

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