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attempted bedtime routine. dh doesn't bother=tired grouchy me

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jimmijam Sat 09-Nov-13 14:44:00


Our little boy got into a habit of sleeping in our bed. only he'd insist on being on my side of the bed. spending the night wriggling and asking me for drinks and nappy changes resulting in little sleep.

I started keeping in his room, doing the pick up and put him back to bed without saying a word thing-over and over... 1st night this lasted about an hour, thenreduced and by around night 4 he went straight down.


then I went back to work, my dh insisted and promised he'd continue the routine and appeared to be on board. Not once has he done this.

when I'm not working I go through the whole continuous put back to bed routine which gradually improves, until I'm back at work.

I put him to bed at 7pm, dh keeps him up until whenever he fancies.

It's been months now and I'm sick of it.
Last night with almost zero sleep was the last straw.

So, I have a plan to put our little boy into our bed, I'll go sleep in his bed, and my dh can deal with him for the night. and every night until he realises no sleep is cr*p and hopefuly gets on board.


I feel like this method is more payback for dh and will just confuse our little 'un even more and be unfair on him when he does end up having to go into his own bed.
Although I cannot carry on like this. I'm so grumpy, tired, was in tears this morning, not wanting to talk to anyone. and I work waking nights so need sleep when I can get it.

Any advice much appreciated please

lola88 Sat 09-Nov-13 15:21:57

I would do it tbh your little boy will be confused with the 2 diff approaches anyway, something obviously has to be done and maybe shock tactics is the only way things will change. You shouldn't pay the price for his laziness

waterrat Sat 09-Nov-13 16:28:57

Do it . Can't believe your dh is so unhelpful

jimmijam Sat 09-Nov-13 16:41:57

I have a feeling it's because lo is our last and maybe dh is trying to keep him close.
sleep is so important though.
Thankyou both for the support.

was in a strop with dh this morning, he text me from work to say sorry, I asked him what for and he said for having a blonde moment....I have no idea how he can't get it, other than that I've now given up telling him # broken record

Shellywelly1973 Sat 09-Nov-13 18:44:27

Make sure your dh ends up seriously sleep deprived- then ignore him. Then make it even harder for him.

When your 'd'h feels like you maybe he will have some consideration for what you were trying to do...

jimmijam Sat 09-Nov-13 19:05:43

that's what I'm hoping shellywelly smile

have any of you ever been in the same or a similar situation ?

jimmijam Sat 09-Nov-13 19:08:56

that's what I'm hoping shellywelly smile

have any of you ever been in the same or a similar situation ?

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