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16-week old wakes at 5am one hour after feed!

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Duffelina Fri 08-Nov-13 07:38:32

I'm hoping for some advice on what to do about my early riser! She still feeds at around midnight and then 4am, which is fine, I'm used to that and she's probably hungry. But this week she's started waking up just an hour after her last feed and not going back to sleep. I've tried sssh/pat, she doesn't like the dummy and won't settle in my arms or our bed! I'm reluctant to feed her as I worry she'll associate food with 5am and I don't want that!! In the end I get up after 45 minutes of her grizzling, change her nappy and distract her for another hour then feed her. This is about 30 minutes before she 'should' be fed. I'm used to lack of sleep but this is making it worse. Feel really tired for the rest of the day now, which makes playing with her and giving her all the attention she needs hard work. I'd really appreciate any advice please. Thank you :-)

Teaandflapjacks Fri 08-Nov-13 14:09:50

I think she is probably hungry - they are too young to associate timings at this stage. Are you breast feeding? You need to try and tank her up at night as much as you can - or alternatively try introducing a mixed (formula) 'dream feed' for your 12.00am feed as this gets them over the night hump. I live in germany where they wean here at 16 weeks - they start them on bananas/pear/baby rice. This is not the advice in the UK though. Anyway I mention as sometimes this can help I think. My friends with solely BF babies found as soon as they started on baby rice etc then they slept much better at night, and were hungry and woke for more food prior to that. Babies just wake for food and its just a survival instinct in them - they don't think like we do (like when I eat half a pack of biscuits!).

fruitandbarley Fri 08-Nov-13 20:00:51

My 14 week old has been doing the exact same thing for a couple of weeks, feeds at 1.30 then 4am, then wakes at 5am, i have been feeding her straight back to sleep but have noticed on this feed she gets rid of alot of wind from the bum end whilst feeding. She does go back down afterwards but im not sure if thats whats waking her.

waterrat Fri 08-Nov-13 20:57:43

What time does she go to bed? Early waking is grim - personally I would definitely feed - surely feed then sleep is better than having to get up!

Duffelina Fri 08-Nov-13 21:12:56

Thank you for replying girls. She's breastfed apart from a bottle of formula at 7.30pm as part of her going to bed routine. She's asleep by 8pm. I'll give the feeding a go at 5am then as yes, I'd love just an extra hour of sleep in the morning. There's something ungodly about 5.30!!

waterrat Sat 09-Nov-13 08:02:08

I think if you don't feed her maybe its more likely to make her think its morning? I have ds a 5am feed until about 10 months I think! Usually got another couple of hours from him ..

Sadly it stopped working and the early grimness continues now he is a toddler!

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