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Yeast/Thrush nappy rashes! please help!

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mammatoaboy Thu 07-Nov-13 09:36:59

Has anyone had experience of these?

my DS has had an on-off nappy rash the past few months. It's basically a few red bumps, randomly spaced out (appearing on his penis, pubis and bottom) with horrible whiteheads.

He got it again last friday. I have seen 3 different GPs who say it is a thrush/yeast infection and prescribed anti-fungal cream.

I've been using the anti-fungal cream for nearly 3 days now (as well as a barrier ointment, constant nappy changes and 2 hours nappy-off time a day) but it doesn't seem to helping that much. In fact in the morning ANOTHER spot always seems to have cropped up overnight.

Any experience or advice?? xx

OddSocksHighHeels Thu 07-Nov-13 22:47:23

My daughter had it for quite a while. We tried the same as what you have and got a steroid cream prescribed from the GP. That was used twice a day and the rest if the nappy changes was the yellow nappy rash cream (I've forgotten it's name, sorry). After wiping with baby wipes then dry off with a towel so that there's no moisture on the skin while the nappy is on.

The thing that finally cleared it up was a cream from ex-DP's parents. It's from Czech republic and has riba in the name, obviously can't buy it here but possibly on the Internet? It's a nappy rash cream there that works really really well, far better than anything else I've found. I'll look and see if I can find a link for you anywhere.

mumofboyo Fri 08-Nov-13 09:14:16

My dd had a fungal infection and was given anti fungal cream. It didn't work after 4 days of use so we went back and got something else. It took about a week but it did work (she also had the trots which didn't help her, having to wipe poo off every hour and not being ablecto leave her without a nappy). We had to use it 3x a day and keep on using it a week after the rash had gone. We were given fucidin h and trimovate cream, but I can't remember which order so not sure which one worked!

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