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too soon for mmr side effects? or something else?

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Melonbreath Thu 07-Nov-13 09:04:36

Hello, my one year old had her mmr on monday. Monday night was dreadful screaming and feeds every 3 hours. Tuesday was worse. She had no fever and ate food normally. Yesterday she seemed in very high spirits and almost slept through last night.
But this morning she seems very dopey, not interested in food at all (not like her) and her face seems quite swollen. She's just interested in cuddling and talking to her toys but not playing with them. All in all subdued and not the shouty rampaging little pre toddler she usually is.
She is teethy at the moment and one of her little cheeks is bright red but she seems puffy around her eyes too and oh said she looked mumpish. Could she be this soon after the vaccine?
Any ideas?

mummyxtwo Thu 07-Nov-13 11:01:42

Hi there, I'm a GP and yes this could be a response to the MMR. They can be grizzly and a bit unwell for a week after the jab. If she is very dopey and lethargic it may be sensible to pop her along to your GP for a check, particularly if she isn't drinking much. But the symptoms you describe aren't that unusual following the MMR. Calpol and / or brufen will make her feel a bit better and will treat any mild fevers. Hope she is better soon.

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