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Polarn o P 3in1 coat v JoJo 4in1 coat

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mamacoffee Thu 07-Nov-13 00:44:47

I bought the POP 3in1 coat for 3.6yo ds last week and hes struggling a little to take it off byhimself which he needs ideally to do for preschool. main reason is that the internal fleece which attaches only attaches on the front, and the sleeves on the fleece get stuck when he takes it off- this also means he can't put it back on himself without help from someone to sort it out!

today the 4in1 coat from JoJo arrived that I ordered for 16mo dd and it seems a lot better because the internal fleece attaches at the neck and cuffs too.

I was wondering what others think. i'm thinking of returning the POP coat and getting ds the JoJo one. Although hes worn it I'm hoping they would accept it back as the coat sells itself on being highly functional!

mamacoffee Thu 07-Nov-13 13:08:48


mamacoffee Thu 07-Nov-13 13:09:25


maxybrown Sat 09-Nov-13 07:18:53

I'd contact POP and see what they have to say. I do know what you mean but I love thier stuff so much! The winter coats are fabulous.

mamacoffee Sat 09-Nov-13 08:52:41

Thanks for your reply! I love their clothes too! Bit pricy but I always get stuff in the sales smile

I have to say I'm amazingly impressed with their customer service. They offered me a partial refund because of the problems. They said they couldn't doa full refund bc they can't sell it on bc worn. But the partial refund (in voucher form) reflects that we can get some use of the coat as a raincoat only.I've ordered the JJMB coat for him to wear as his main coat.

And POP stuff keeps a good value on ebay when they grow out of it!

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