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Nightmare bedtimes with 4 year old. Any tips?

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Matsikula Wed 06-Nov-13 22:41:22

My just turned 4 year old is generally pretty good, but is overtired and overwired at bedtime. He jumps on the bed, gets out of bed, kicks like a demon when put back in it, won't put his pyjamas on, occasionally howls, and I have to admit it can get quite shouty. Tonight he kicked me in the face - not really deliberately but still, it made me flip.

My usual consequence for bad behaviour at bedtime is no stories, and it is quite effective - I have to follow through maybe once a week and he is invariably better for a few days. But recently he seems to have figured out that if he acts up when the stories have already been read, there is nothing else I can withhold.

Any thoughts as to what I can try? Earlier bed would help but is quite difficult logistically.

TheSinisterTrifle Thu 07-Nov-13 22:47:55

There ARE other things you can withhold. He will NOT go to the party. He will NOT get that treat. He will NOT get that toy etc. Who is in charge here?

Stick with the threats and CARRY THEM THROUGH.

It will be a tough few weeks but believe me when he is a teenager who does not understand or ever learnt the word NO you will be grateful.

My childless friend pointed this out to me when I was at my wit's end with my 2 year old DD. She was so right and I thank her every bloody day. I really, really resented it at the time though.

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