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3 year old just prescibed glasses - advice on practicalities appreciated

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Allegrogirl Mon 04-Nov-13 17:09:23

My DD is 3.2 and developed a squint suddenly in the Summer. We saw a consultant today and been told she is long sighted in her right eye. She'll need a patch in a couple of months but for now will need glasses all the time. Just waiting for a week or so for her new glasses to arrive.

No family history so I'm a bit clueless. I assume she'll get just one pair at a time on the NHS. Would it be a good idea to get a spare pair in case they get lost? What with nursery and a day a week at the GPs I can see this happening. What about sporty stuff and swimming? I'm thinking of taking her to gym next term. I'm assuming this will be no problem. Anyone had little ones reluctant to wear their glasses? Any tips for encouraging them?

Feeling surprisingly emotional about this even though I knew she'd need glasses. Going to have to get used to seeing her looking a little different.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 04-Nov-13 18:23:52

My dd got glasses at 3 and it's never been a problem. We always let her choose which ones she'll have and I think that for is the key. She's been wearing them for 3 years now and we haven't lost or damaged a pair yet.

Some opticitians, like asda or specsavers will give you 2 pairs for the NHS voucher, others will give you one. Come next spring it might also be worth looking at getting her some prescription sunglasses but that's a while off yet.

We take DDs glasses off for swimming and the bath. Occasionally if she's at a party she will ask us to hold them for a while.

Know it must be a shock but think you could be anticipating problems that may never arise, well hopefully anyway smile

Allegrogirl Mon 04-Nov-13 20:26:48

JiltedJohnsJulie thanks for responding. Good to hear you haven't had any losses or damages yet. I'm sure I am anticipating non-existent problems, I'm a worrier.

I didn't realise some places did two pairs per prescription. I went to the hospital dispensary and just getting one pair. I'll know for next time.

MadameJ Mon 04-Nov-13 20:53:25

My dd (2.10) has just been prescribed glasses and she loves them. She actually reminds us to give them to her after naps/bath etc so until problems crop up I really wouldn't worry she will probably surprise you :-)

FryingNemo Mon 04-Nov-13 20:58:18

DS has been wearing glasses since he was 2. He has oblierated at least 5 pairs in the 4 years he's been wearing them <<sighs>>. We have had absolutely no problem with getting him to wear them once he realised how much better he could see with them on.

I would advise letting her choose the frames herself but if at all possible get soft framed ones that bend and twist and, most importantly, do not cut into little faces when falling over and leave scars.

Oblomov Mon 04-Nov-13 21:02:36

Ds1 had a squint . We patched. They told me that ds only needed one lair. But I was insistent. I need 2. I told hospital. In the end they relented. So glad. Ds1 broke innumerable pairs. Atleast he had a pair whilst the the other pair was being repaired.

SmileItsSunny Mon 04-Nov-13 21:53:47

My DD was similar to you OP, she chose her own with minimal steering... looked utterly cute, we made a big fuss of how fab she looked with her new glasses. She wore them really well. As they weren't for her eyesight but to correct a squint, I didn't worry if she had to go without while they were in for repairs.
Sadly the squint correction didn't work and we are now facing the possibility of surgery sad

CatL Mon 04-Nov-13 22:22:47

Hi. We are in the same position as you, for the same reasons, but about 2 months ahead, so settled into glasses wearing now. DD is 3.10 and has been fab about wearing her glasses - she reminds us usually! I think it is because she can see better, and also we always talked about them like they were a good thing "yay, the nice man says you can have your own glasses to keep"... Oh, we also let her decorate the case with stickers.

She only takes them off for bath, swimming or bed, so no issues with losing them yet, or breaking fingers crossed (but DD is not much of a rough and tumble type).

I'm also concerned about whether we should have got a 2nd pair, but I think it would have been really expensive. Went to a small local opticians, so didn't seen any free pair offers, but someone else I know went to specsavers and I know she only has one pair too. Will look into that one.... I'm just hoping she gets a new prescription soon,then at least will have the old ones as spares! I need to ask about sunglasses at next appointment, as hadn't thought of that either.

Be prepared that it is a bit weird for a while that your child looks different (I feel a bit guilty that I like pre glasses photos better than post glasses still!) and also if she is anything like my DD, she will manage to make every smudge on her glasses, or when they get misted up, into a major drama!

MiaowTheCat Tue 05-Nov-13 08:01:37

Our family opticians were always very obliging at putting as much as they could through on vouchers to be helpful when I was growing up (I had to wear glasses from an early age and my kids more than likely will as short sight runs very strongly down the women in our family) just get to know your optician as frames will get bashed, screws holding arms on will come off and the like however careful you are. One thing I've always done when teaching kids with glasses is to talk about how I have a set place I always put my own glasses down in when I take them off and where on the teachers desk could they have as their special place to put their glasses down if they need to take them off for PE etc (if they do - I'm blind as a bat without mine so never did) - just eliminates a lot of the potential for loss and damage if you get into a system of putting them in certain spots whenever they're taken off!

I look at photos now and I think I look odd in the ones without glasses on! Kids frames now are so funky it won't really bother me when the almost inevitable time comes that my pair need to wear 'em!

AugustRose Tue 05-Nov-13 13:51:37

Hi my DD2 was 3 when she got her first pair, very similar situation to your own, squint and patching. She has only ever had one pair at a time and been perfectly fine, we have never had any problem with her taking them off and she has always chosen her own glasses. She takes them off for swimming but not for PE I don't think. It helps that I wear glasses so it is something she it used to. Some opticians will offer a second pair or at least a discount on a second pair but not all. The frames are so different from when I was a child, so much choice and very cute.

My DS2 was only just 2 when he got his in February and I asked for a second prescription with him as I knew he would be more difficult to control. We asked for soft curved ear pieces to help keep them on and he did get used to them after a few weeks. However he did break an arm off after 5 days !! and his second pair are having a lens replaced because he fell over and the lens got scratched.

It is a bit emotional when they first get them but it is good that problems get picked up quickly - my daughter is now 6 and her sight has improved massively.

Allegrogirl Wed 06-Nov-13 11:27:09

Thank you all. I was a bit emotional seeing her in glasses as she will look different with them. She is very cute and still will be of course. She was very quiet about it after the visit to the eye hospital but when i picked her up from nursery yesterday she had told her key worker all about it. She says that glasses will stop her eyes being sore and tired all the time.

I'll ask at the dispensary about possible spare pair and what to do when repairs are required.

ilovepowerhoop Thu 07-Nov-13 11:01:41

dd (10) has had hers from 18 months old and wears them all the time due to long sight. She had patching treatment for a fair while as well and ended up with an eye operation to correct her squint as it was still noticeable even with her glasses on. I only have one pair at a time but keep her old pairs as a back up e.g. from when she gets a new prescription. Repairs/replacements have been free. I got her prescription goggles for swimming so she could see what she was diving for/the edge of the pool, etc. She wears glasses for PE, gymnastics, etc

ilovepowerhoop Thu 07-Nov-13 11:03:38

we go to a local independent optician and they do have free frames which dd had to start with but now we pay £30ish extra and she gets trendier ones.

Artandco Thu 07-Nov-13 11:11:55

You can also get swimming goggles and sunglasses with her prescription if you need at any point

Theas18 Thu 07-Nov-13 11:18:24

In my experience small kids who get glasses early seems to realise they see so much better and don't have much trouble adapting (I guess because they only get them very young because there is a noticeable issue that parents pick up). The primary kids that get them after an eye test that picks up a previous non obvious issue find it harder.

As regards what you " expect them to look like" my DD2 has been wearing glasses since mid primary and at 14 looks odd without them to me LOL (and DH looks old and very strange- don't tell him I said- he should never get contacts!)

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