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Presents for a 6 month old baby?

(26 Posts)
NewToAllThis11 Fri 01-Nov-13 18:05:54

What can I give my DS for Christmas? He'll be 6 months old. My MIL thinks presents are a waste of money this year because he's too small, but I disagree (even if he's more interested in the wrapping paper!)

Any ideas please?

Littlefish Fri 01-Nov-13 18:11:50

A set of bells to hold and chew, or any other very small baby toy - maximum cost of about £8.00

Other than that, I agrred with your mother.

Eletheomel Fri 01-Nov-13 18:19:55

I also agree with your MIL (sorry!) we didn't get our DS1 anything for his first xmas as he was only 2.5 months and didn't see the point (also we knew he'd get loads from family - and we did).

Aside from things to chew and hold (rattles, bells etc as mentioned by pp) you could also go for stacking cups - once they can sit and move their arms they tend to love knocking things down :-)

Phineyj Fri 01-Nov-13 18:22:15

DD got stacking squishy blocks around that age and loved them.

matilda101 Fri 01-Nov-13 18:24:14

I agree with your MIL! My dd will be 6 months old at Christmas and I'm not getting her anything!! Her sister will be nearly 2 and she's getting a few bits but not much from us as she'll get enough presents from family and friends!

misshoohaa Fri 01-Nov-13 18:27:55

Some nice books and one of those night light things that twinkle round the room. But you'll find its a bit of an anti-climax as they just prefer the paper! I get your enthusiasm though. My DS was 6 months for his first Xmas and I bought him presents, he had no interest in them whatsoever! grin

soupmaker Fri 01-Nov-13 18:29:04

DD2 will be 5 months at the end of December. Her stocking will be filled with weaning stuff, vests, some 6-9 months outfits, and one small toy. The only reason for her getting anything is that she has an almost 6 year old sister!

DD1 got a big wicker basket for toys for her first Xmas.

FriskyHenderson Fri 01-Nov-13 18:35:41

Happyland, as it'll do for teething and in the next year. Or a playtable that will come into its own shortly.

Or sod all grin

Locketjuice Fri 01-Nov-13 18:38:53

Sophie the giraffe, jumperoo, sit to stand thingy in argos wink teethers, scout/violet teddy, light and glow seahorse, sit in walker, messy play (paint, play dough etc) clothes, car seat/pram toys, books.... Will add more as I think of them... Can you tell mine will be around this age then haha

Locketjuice Fri 01-Nov-13 18:40:46

Hide and squeak eggs

Locketjuice Fri 01-Nov-13 18:43:32

Bath toys, bubble machine, toys the crawl after?

lockie1983 Fri 01-Nov-13 21:14:48

My ds will be the same age, as he has an 8 year old brother, we have got him bits and bobs of things we think he might need over the next few months: tether, stacking cups, sleepsuits and vests etc in the next size up and a few weaning things.

I figure I will be buying that stuff anyway (sleepsuits, vests etc) so just wrapped it for Christmas.

plannedshock Fri 01-Nov-13 21:22:35

My dd is 6mths and she love bells (£3 mothercare) I've got a little watering can that I trickle her with in the bath and a puppet that I grab her with! All cheap little stocking fillers!

AidanTheRevengeNinja Fri 01-Nov-13 21:40:09

Wow I wish my 8 month old would just play with wrapping paper and boxes. I'd save a fortune. Unfortunately he has no interest in everyday household items and likes toys in direct proportion to how expensive, flashing-lighty and irritating-music-producing they are grin Our best buys around the 6 month mark:

Fisher Price Jumperoo! A thousand times this. Saved my life. Pricey but worth every penny.

Anything by VTech - though admittedly the songs will bore deep into your brain. Nursery rhyme book, chameleon, and baby walker (though we don't use it as a walker) have all been a huge hit. Good value too.

Books - we got a Julia Donaldson set of 10 for £10 from Book People - DS obviously doesn't understand a word of it but loves the rhythms and listens intently.

Rattles, stacking toys (for you to stack and him to knock over), activity cube, chewy toys (especially Sophie).

Ikea toys - the soft blocks for stacking, abacus, and the circus rattles - all really cheap and much enjoyed.

He only got "into" toys around the 4 month mark, but once he did, there was no stopping him...

cupcake78 Fri 01-Nov-13 21:50:38

Clothes, something to help him sit up to ease his frustration.

bubalou Fri 01-Nov-13 23:28:08

I know they get a lot of teddies but my ds loved his 'jelly cat' elephant teddy when he was a baby. It was the smaller types with thin arms and legs that were perfect for his little hands to grab.

Also 'that not my' books that I read with him and he could do the senses.

Teething toys, CD player (great idea I thought from my DM who got one for ds's playroom. He has his Disney, gruffalo, baby music on it. Nothing fancy, think it was £25.


Jo1984uk Sat 02-Nov-13 06:50:18

You could always make a treasure basket, google it for ideas if you need to.

My daughter (6.5 m) loves hers.. It's basically a collection of various sensory items. When you think of it, so many baby toys are made of plastic. Babies learn through what they feel and put to their mouths, so I think a treasure basket would be a lovely gift to your ds.

My dd's has so far got a pastry brush (favourite at the mo), various ribbons tied together, small stainless steel pots (from pound shop!) which are great for banging and making lots if noise, a shell, wooden ball and some other bits.

Many of the items can be picked up very cheap or free. I need to grab some fabric for my dd's basket (thinking silky/ sparkley) so I'm going to visit a fabric shop and see if they have any off cuts.

JollyScaryGiant Sat 02-Nov-13 06:53:15

DD will be 4 months and is mainly getting clothes. Her big brother would notice if she didn't get anything.

SteamWisher Sat 02-Nov-13 06:55:54

Your mil is right!

He's your PFB of course you want to buy something but he won't notice either way. I've got two dc - youngest is 23 months and I'm keeping it low key even now! (she got babygros for first Xmas).

NewToAllThis11 Sat 02-Nov-13 12:09:10

Amazing ideas, thank you! I know MIL is probably right but I can't resist! Love the idea of a treasure box Jo - that's a great idea, and cheap. Ooh, am going to start planning now...

Hawkmoth Sat 02-Nov-13 12:13:15

I've just bought this and a few other bits in the kiddicare sale for mine. I was just going to go with a chewable ball thing until I landed on that site!

NewToAllThis11 Sat 02-Nov-13 12:18:26

Thanks hawk - that looks good. Must resist temptation to buy too much.

storynanny Sat 02-Nov-13 12:24:43

How about a few things for when baby is a bit older, to cover the gap between Christmas and birthday? Like a sit and ride or similar? All mine had birthdays near Christmas so I tried to think ahead and get some things which they could play with in the summer months.

SaltySeaBird Sat 02-Nov-13 12:36:19

We spent far too much on DD for her first Christmas and in retrospect it was really really silly. It was mainly clothes as she was just about to hit 4 months and had outgrown her 0-3 months stuff so we saved everything and gave her a whole new wardrobe.

Plus a few Lamaze toys and nice books for her to read / us to read to her as she gets older.

This year I think we will be a bit more sensible. I plan to get her a few puppets as she loves them so much and some books.

cheekbyjowl Sat 02-Nov-13 22:17:09

depends on temperament but another vote for jumperoo. we bought one second hand. The delight he got from it made everyone's day Happy .

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