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StainlessSteelBegonia Wed 30-Oct-13 22:26:20

You can also get the liquid nitrogen freezing treatment from Scholl's. My 6-yr-old DD had 3 verrucas that have almost magically disappeared after 2 treatments. Excellent stuff.

mydaftlass Wed 30-Oct-13 22:19:24

I treated DDs with banana skin. It went within 10 days and she loved that she could treat herself!

plipplops Wed 30-Oct-13 22:16:11

DD2 has had two, I spoke to the lovely pharmacist and he recommended the silver nitrate(?) treatment, think it was called Avoca? You get a little pen thing which you make wet, and put a drip of the water on the verucca. It makes it go black (you have to be REALLY careful not to get the drips anywhere else he said they stain everything and he ruined a bathroom suite - I was always super paranoid and careful). the next day you file off the top of the verucca with the nail file thing in the pack and reapply. Do that for a week and it's gone, a bit of a faff but sorted it really quicklysmile

Anja1Cam Tue 29-Oct-13 19:18:33

don't panic, and getting one is not a sign of bad hygiene or anything else. Both my DDS have had them, and treatment actually caused them to grow... after a month or two we stopped and they disappeared on their own account - something similar happened to me as a teen, when it was surgically removed and promptly grew back!. they might come back one day too. the only inconvenience is when they are really under the ball of the foot or so where they cause pain due to the pressure of walking, as they will grow inwards.

we went to our gp and they were no help what so ever either. prescribed 'bazooka' whilst warning that itn
would take a long time and might not work anyway.

Jellybellyrbest Tue 29-Oct-13 18:47:19

Thanks!! Will try that.

monikar Tue 29-Oct-13 17:35:21

The best thing I have found is Boots own verruca cream - you have to ask for it at the pharmacy. It is in a little tube and you squeeze out a blob onto the verruca and then cover it with a plaster. Do this for about 10 days and then the verruca will 'fall out' in a blob of skin.

Good luck.

Jellybellyrbest Tue 29-Oct-13 15:33:52

On my 8yoDD's toe. What do I do??

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