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Sleeping together

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Hunnybunn72 Tue 29-Oct-13 06:51:29

I'm a single parent with an 8 month old daughter. About a month ago she was poorly and would only sleep on me so I ended up with her in my bed. I've never gone back to putting her in the cot. Tbh I love having cuddles and her with me. Everyone is nagging me to get her back in the cot and the health visitor even said I'm to do it straight away or it will be harder later on. But I will miss her! I know I'm being selfish but I work full time and miss her in the day. Opinions please ?

Kerrie34 Tue 29-Oct-13 10:53:16

hi it's your baby do what u want. I have a 13 week old & co sleep as lo wouldn't settle. if u do decide to have lo in with u please read the co sleeping guide. be safe & enjoy those cuddles x

HaveAQuestion Tue 29-Oct-13 11:19:11

Do whatever you want, still co sleeping and breastfeeding at 16 months. Thinking of night weaning at 2 and as such he'll probably be sleeping with daddy only in the transition and then on his own.

5madthings Tue 29-Oct-13 11:24:49

i have co-slept with all of mine.until they were 2-3yrs old and then they have gone into their own bed.

our youngest will be three im dec and is our bed. she will grow out of it, she is probably our last so am enjoying it whilst it lasts, they grow up all too quickly.

if you are happy to co-sleep then ignore hv etc.

absentmindeddooooodles Tue 29-Oct-13 11:52:55

Ds is 2.7. Hes only ecently gone into his own bed in his own room. Up until he was 18 months I didnt even have a cot/bed for him. ( he could get out of the cot from stupidly young so never bothered) plus I jist didnt want to keep getting out of bed at night.

He still comes into my bed whenever he wants to, and the transition wasnt too bad! Hes a total velcro child and does not seem to need sleep but we managed it.

Enjoy the cuddles. Ignore everyone else. Its lovely when theyre all sleepy and squidgy. smile

rrreow Tue 29-Oct-13 13:25:27

Your decision! If you like it and it's working for you, then just keep doing it. What other people think has nothing to do with the matter. There are many benefits to co-sleeping.

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 29-Oct-13 22:32:11

Mine both slept in our bed until they were both around 14 months when they both started to want to play rather than sleep. Your HV is talking bollocks. Both if mine moved happily into their own rooms.

Lots of parents have their children in their bed sometimes, you aren't doing anything unusual smile

Did your HV mention the isis website. It has lots of good, reassuring information smile

midwifeandmum Tue 29-Oct-13 22:35:08

Hey i coslept with dd1 up until she was 3, shes now 4 and went into her own bed i her own room no problem. Dd2 whos 19 months co sleeps with me too. Im a single parent too and love co sleeping.

Ignore the negativity and do what you want. Its your baby

ZebraZeebra Wed 30-Oct-13 21:03:48

Yes ignore the negativity - cosleeping is utterly, utterly wonderful. Many, many countries do it for culturural or economic reasons. Us lot in the West are actually in the minority in comparison to the rest of the world. You won't "make a rod for your own back" or cause/create problems later on. At some point your DD will want her own space/own bed/own room.

Read Three In A Bed for reassurance that it's all lovely and normal and nice, and also for just practical/safety tips.

I genuinely don't know what's up with some HV's in the country.

MortifiedAnyFuckerAdams Wed 30-Oct-13 21:07:04

tbh if DH wasnt on the scene I would probably have dd in tge bed with me. I dont want her in in addition to dh as I would get all squished up, but if I was a lone parent, shed be in there like a shot (mind, shes never ever slept in with me so even now at two shed be "wtf??" if I brought her in with me).

RandomMess Wed 30-Oct-13 21:08:40

Completely up to you!!!! If you're happy and she's happy what is the problem?

DameDeepRedBetty Wed 30-Oct-13 21:08:51

Co-slept with the twins until about a year. No problems.

ChazzerChaser Wed 30-Oct-13 21:09:45

It's not selfish it's lovely. What's wrong with snuggling up together?

shrieklesoda Wed 30-Oct-13 21:13:02

My 2 year old sleeps between us in bed most nights and we really don't care. Its such a short time before they can't think of anything worse than sleeping in mum & dad's bed that we're making the most of it.

HappyAsASandboy Wed 30-Oct-13 21:16:06

Our 3 year old twins sleep with us. No plans to turf them out yet, though they do have the option of their cots if they want them.

I should ignore them all and do as you please smile

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