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Child starting new schoool

(4 Posts)
gillymca Fri 20-Feb-04 11:32:53

Ho can I make it easier fro my 8 year old daughter starting a new school.She is very upset about leaving her old school and is not looking forward to viewing new schools. She is a shy girl and I am worried that she may find it hard adapting. Everyone tell me that she will get use to it but but the concerns are still there. Any advice.

marialuisa Fri 20-Feb-04 11:44:02

My mum has been through this with my 8year old brother and he's going to be moving again soon which will mean he's attended 4 primary schools in 12 months

DBro refused point blank to look round any of the schools before starting as he didn't want the kids "staring at me," and each time he's settled ok. It seems that he's had a couple of months with "temporary" friends before finding his niche.

I moved schools a lot at this age too and yep, you do just manage. If you live close letting her walk with classmates (DBro had people calling for him very quickly) and letting her "play out" will help.

nutcracker Fri 20-Feb-04 12:17:28

Haven't any advice i'm afraid, but will be reading with interest as my 6yr old dd may have to move schools this year too.

secur Fri 20-Feb-04 12:19:44

Message withdrawn

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