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Six year old son playing Halo with his brother - right or wrong?

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AugustMoon Wed 02-Oct-13 19:33:41

I don't want him to play it, it's rated 16. "D"H is sitting there now with them playing it and telling DS2 he will let him play it when I'm not here, the only reason it is rated 16 is because it is played online (and he's not playing it online so it's ok) and that I'm an idiot.
For context I have called him irresponsible.

Lostinspace1 Mon 07-Oct-13 04:24:44

I think it's idiotic to assume your kid 'is stable' enough to play it. How can you make that judgment? You aren't going to be immediately aware of the impact it will have on them.

Regarding horror films - my mum used to let me at 8 yrs watch things like 'Nightmare on Elmstreet' etc because I had an older brother. It screwed up my sleeping for years. She obviously 'assumed' I was capable of watching it.

makingparentsrealise Mon 07-Oct-13 12:53:36

Well you must have agreed to watch it so it was your child hood mistake.

mummyxtwo Mon 07-Oct-13 15:03:50

What an odd response that last post is.

AugustMoon Mon 07-Oct-13 15:21:25

makingparentsrealise are you the complete ticket?

MurderOfBanshees Mon 07-Oct-13 15:49:39

making Is a teen boy with a fixation on children needing to play games an who thinks we should encourage more game play, possibly as an educational tool.

makingparentsrealise Tue 08-Oct-13 06:59:03

I am 19 and I am not saying people need to play games.

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