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Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. Come and join the 40+ mums plus babies, toddlers etc in the snug where tea, cake and sympathy are being served.

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somewherebecomingrain Wed 02-Oct-13 06:57:11

We are 40+ mummies sharing all the highs and lows of our autumn crocus babies. Also sharing tips and information (most crying is tiredness!) and jokes. Please join us!

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm
You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely
It's sad to grow old, but nice to ripen.

PS this thread title was created by eagleray, and she also found the quotes.

scarecrow22 Wed 30-Oct-13 03:15:54

pud poor baby and mummy. Sorry as that sounds very tough.

Syringe for water brilliant idea: there are also little sippy cups like [[,default,pd.html this]] or [[,default,pd.html the Doidy cup]] which both T and DD love/d.

Somebody gave me a tip the other day which seems to work, which is you can drink prune juice and that helps baby via bf. I'd also recommend you up your water intake, though dh would say that is because I recommend water for most health problems smile

Do hope yesterday was a sign another corner has been turned.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 30-Oct-13 08:38:30

I think reading would be imposs for me as I have to do school run.

5 hour round trip.

Is there a halfway house? Eg meet around Waterloo? Or somewhere halfway along the reading line?

somewherebecomingrain Wed 30-Oct-13 08:39:48

Kew gardens for example? Xxx

Hugs to pud. Syringe sounds good.

somewherebecomingrain Wed 30-Oct-13 08:40:15

Ie Richmond/twickenham area

adila12 Wed 30-Oct-13 09:27:21

for mother-mother who are pregnant do not forget to look at the mother's baby development pregnancy tracker,,


GoatBongoAnonymous Wed 30-Oct-13 10:09:59

Pud I am exactly the same, so behind all the time on everyone's posts. And feeling a little guilty that I enjoy everyone's news without reciprocating much!
The silent reflux sounds really tough. We really sympathise. Do you have sympathetic gp/hv? Syringes sound a great idea. What about wet flannels too? BG loved sucking on them, maybe not loads of water, but I could leave him to his own devices with one for a little while.

At 5 this morning, I took BG in with me in the forlorn hope of another hour or so in bed. Co sleeping ensued thusly:
BG lies quietly beside me. I start to drift off into pleasant haze.
I am awakened startled by an energetic right hook to the eye as BG suddenly turns over, completely with loud sounds of exertion. He settles, bum in air. I start to drift again.
But no. This position is not comfortable either, apparently. A lot of kicking ensues. Of me, mostly in the gut. If I move out of the way, BG shuffles round till he can kick against the nice, squishy bit again.
After tiring of this, he decides he wants a pillow, and a sudden lunge positions his head - with a thud - right on my windpipe. I manage to extricate myself just before total unconsciousness. His head is now on my shoulder, where he seems happy. I lie rigid for a bit, expecting more, but there is regular breathing beside me. I start to relax.
Babababababababaooooooooo, says BG experimentally.
I maintain radio silence.
A finger gets jabbed in my mouth.
Babababaoooooooobaba, says BG, more urgently this time.
Shhh! I say.
Hurrah, thinks BG delightedly, she is awake! Time for chat. Several sentences follow, each louder than the preceding. After a while he subsides and there is a several-second interval.
Repeat above numerous times until mum gives up and gets up. Well I guess 5:30 is a big improvement on 3 o'clock!

PuddingAndHotMilk Wed 30-Oct-13 12:33:48

Oh Goat, sorry to laugh but your description of your co-sleeping made me chuckle... BabyPud is similar. Water soaked flannel is genius! Do you think bottled water is ok or should I use cooled boiled water?

PuddingAndHotMilk Wed 30-Oct-13 12:36:37

Scarecrow, sorry. Yes I'm upping my water intake. I drink about 2l a day. Will be 4/5 in Egypt. Prunes is a good shout - will see if it helps without causing me problems. Is it just the juice or would the fruit work and transfer the same way? X

blueblackdye Wed 30-Oct-13 13:22:43

Pud, you can try to give water with a teaspoon, DS and A were willing to drink small amounts of water this way, of course it takes ages but not longer than a feed really!
Goat, DS still kicks a lot during his sleep, when he is poorly and wants me to sleep with him, I hardly get any sleep as he would punch, kick, push or lie his head on my face !! I did laugh at your description too.
Scarecrow, how did the visit to work go ?
Wave to everyone

EagleRay Wed 30-Oct-13 17:35:36

Quick hello while DD sleeps!

Back in the uk now - back through the door at 3am last night into a freezing house so took DD to bed with me where she proceeded to make my life hell with cluster feeding, pinching, biting etc. Her room is nice and warm this eve and ready and waiting for her! We had swimming lesson first thing which was hellish to get up for but really didn't want to miss any more classes so off we went (think I had about 2 hours sleep)

Most memorable part of journey home was when we were at security and I had rucksack on my back, DD under one arm and was folding pushchair with other and trying to get it onto the conveyor belt. And DP? Stood there, clutching a carrier bag full of pomegranites (they were growing in abundance where we were staying) and worrying that they were going to be confiscated. He was so worried in fact about his free food that he was unable to offer any help at all.

Pudding so sorry you've been having reflux probs with DD. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and manage to get some rest (and some dives!)

Goat really sympathise re the ungrateful co-sleeper. Can you adopt a cunning disguise so he can't find you? Or hide inside the duvet cover? grin

Re xmas meet-up - I will stay out of discussions for now as have absolutely no idea what my availability will be due to job hunting. If we can make it, we'll be there though.

Better go - DD having an afternoon nap on Turkish time but needs to wake up soon...

blueblackdye Wed 30-Oct-13 18:13:08

We have DS's passport, houray ! It was issued on his 5th birthday ! He looks like so much his Dad on the pic. Now DH can book Xmas hols... I hate packing and flying with a mobile baby

somewherebecomingrain Wed 30-Oct-13 19:48:19

goat that was worth the wait!!!! Lol! grinconfused!! Very like my ds.
Waves to all

PuddingAndHotMilk Thu 31-Oct-13 20:45:46

Rosie we're happily ensconced at Dive-Urge and eating dinner on the beach. No wind tonight grin

rosiedays Thu 31-Oct-13 22:19:03

Pudding grin <sacara symbol> chill and enjoy. Xx

ValiumQueen Fri 01-Nov-13 07:19:23

Sorry I have not caught up. Life is chaotic with illness and I feel like I never get any respite. When things settle I will be back proper.

I think of you guys often x

somewherebecomingrain Fri 01-Nov-13 07:31:31

vq we are always here when u have time. I'm sorry to hear you are I'll. why not join the Facebook group - it is easier to keep up with - just pm knotty with your fb details

knottyhair Sat 02-Nov-13 06:25:16

Hi everyone! Just popping on to say we're en route to Cornwall and I'll have no internet access for a week so if anyone pms me about the fb group, I'm not ignoring you, I'll sort it when we get back x

blueblackdye Sat 02-Nov-13 08:18:33

Knotty enjoy your hols in Cornwall !
VQ wishing you a speedy recovery and welcome back
Goat, anymore kicking ? What do you prefer, kicks in bump or now ? AFM both kept me wide awake but I miss a bit the internal fluttering....

Very quiet on my side. DH's birthday today. After DS's last week, we will keep it very low key today, just the 4 of us, champagne tonight when kids are in bed.

Wishing you all a lovely week end

scarecrow22 Sat 02-Nov-13 09:00:44

knotty safe journey and have fun.
pud hope babyPud well and you are having a great holiday

<waves to all>

scarecrow22 Sat 02-Nov-13 09:01:32

happy birthday bbd's dh smile

PuddingAndHotMilk Sat 02-Nov-13 14:15:19

Happy Birthday BBD DH! Enjoy the bubbles!!
Knotty - have a great holiday!

BabyPuds Reflux is much improved for Gaviscon but her constipation is bad. Last night I had to cycle her legs and do colon massage with her nappy off almost pulling the poo out for her sad got more water into her today than we managed yesterday and dropped the IG dose down a little too.

Apart from that she seems very happy and is sleeping reasonably well although not in travel cot much to DH disgust. His parting shot on going to sleep last night was "dunno why you bothered bringing condoms, with her in the bed all the time angry"

I've now done 2 dives Rosie Lighthouse and Eel Garden. DH and FIL are diving Islands now envy. Headed to the Furry Cup tonight to watch the footie but am unsure about how smoky the bar might be sad I might be heading home alone quite quickly!

blueblackdye Sat 02-Nov-13 19:46:42

Well, Pud, it sounds like you have wonderful time in Dahab ! Enjoy
When I was a baby, I had lots and lots of ear infections, antibiotics were used then a lot, side effects were I was constipated very very often, my Mum spent hours helping me to evacuate with massages, if you can find mineral water with magnesium like Hepar, it could help bowel movements.
No champagne tonight, A has high temp and DH and I had an argument about it. Very sad day...

littleredmonkey Sat 02-Nov-13 19:56:55

Hi gang. I read when I can. Also illness here and lack of sleep is taking its toll so be back soon.

blueblackdye Sat 02-Nov-13 21:44:44

Sending deep deep deep sleep dust to you for a quick recovery. Take care

PuddingAndHotMilk Sat 02-Nov-13 21:50:14

Thanks BBD. would me taking magnesium supplements help?
I'm sorry you rowed with DH. This parenting can be tricksy can't it sad Hope all is ok now x
LRM good to hear from you - hope sleep and healthiness returns for you all soon.

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