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Grow old with me! The best is yet to be. Come and join the 40+ mums plus babies, toddlers etc in the snug where tea, cake and sympathy are being served.

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somewherebecomingrain Wed 02-Oct-13 06:57:11

We are 40+ mummies sharing all the highs and lows of our autumn crocus babies. Also sharing tips and information (most crying is tiredness!) and jokes. Please join us!

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm
You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely
It's sad to grow old, but nice to ripen.

PS this thread title was created by eagleray, and she also found the quotes.

GoatBongoAnonymous Wed 02-Oct-13 20:12:04

Oh I keep missing things here! such as that eagle found the quotes, thank you eagle! I especially like the idea of immaturity continuing indefinitely!

Also missed Rosie's question about goals. Interesting one. I shall have to think and come back. Already some wonderful lists from people here.

Lrm BG doesn't seem unwell, mostly his usual sunny self (unless he is not being allowed to do something, ooh say play with the knives in the knife block) So don't know if I am being pfb mum. Maybe he is fine...

I am so not keeping up with everyone at the moment. Apologies to all. I love reading your posts and admit to a sneaky read at work to keep me sane.

blueblackdye Wed 02-Oct-13 22:08:51

Has anyone used Metanium for nappy rash ? A came back from nursery with a very angry sore bottom, she does not seem to suffer but I am in pain for her. Sudocrem has not proved being strong enough. I have some French 100pc cotton nappy inserts that I have used everytime she had watery poos but I don't seem to be able to find them here, on Internet or at chemist's. someone mentioned Metanium to me...? Is it any good ?
Sorry for not replying to anyone, head still a bit heavy with the cold and house is a war zone, the only time I enjoy really is walking DS to school.
A eats and sleeps now at nursery, she has a great time, she is as cheeky as ever.
Good night everyone

scarecrow22 Thu 03-Oct-13 04:28:48

bbd, Metanium was fantastic for us for times when Sudocrem didn't work. Definitely try. (Hug) for A and hope she's better soon

soupmaker Thu 03-Oct-13 05:01:04

Hello. Thought I should join in.

BBD I used metanium on DD1. It was good stuff when used very sparingly with lashings of zinc and castor oil cream on top to act as a barrier.

I'm 43 and have DD1, 5, and DD2, 9wo, who popped out just before I was 43! Had a couple of MC in between, hence the gap.

DD2 had first lot of jags yesterday. Poor wee thing screamed the place down and wasn't her usual self for the rest of the day.

Meant to get to BF support group yesterday as getting lots of blanching on nipples which is bloody sore. Suspect I do too much MNing while feeding and we've both got lazy with our latch. DD2 also likes to cluster feed aka nipple munch of an evening.

DD1 at school and generally very lovely, but we struggle with bowel and bladder problems. Am already dreading toilet training DD2! Sleep depravation easy in comparison IMHO.

Oh good, DD2 seems to have settled after feed. Back to sleep for an hour or so.

knickyknocks Thu 03-Oct-13 06:24:24

Another vote for metanium. It's great stuff, sticks to your fingers and nappy rash like glue but sorts things out smile

scarecrow so sorry to hear about DD virus. There is truly nothing worse when your LO isn't well.

goat I think the dark green poo is worth a mention if you're seeing a pediatrician. Has baby goat had any temps to go with it?

soup hate the jabs - not least because they find them so painful, but you never know how your LO is going to tolerate them. Bladder and bowel problems for DD1 sounds tough going especially at school. I also hated toilet training. I always remember my DD trying to hide the fact she was going for a poo in her pants by hiding somewhere and I would just notice an unpleasant smell before she'd admit it...

Relate went well yesterday. I think things can be mended between me and DH but it's going to take a long time. DH still very remorseful.

In the meantime, weaning going well here, into our 3rd week and doing a mixture of purees and blw. Toast fingers with soft cheese a particular favourite. Going to try pasta but feeling a bit nervous about it for choking hazard - anyone else given their LO pasta early on in the weaning process?

knickyknocks Thu 03-Oct-13 06:25:48

Oh sorry for those who don't know me, am 41, DD just turned 4 and DS 6 months old.

somewherebecomingrain Thu 03-Oct-13 07:03:06

Hi knicky yes I've given baby some pasta. Since she got to 5m 3w. Penne and fusilli.

I'm doing BLW. She hasn't choked yet - supposedly they don't- - I've watched Red Cross vids on YouTube on what to do if she does. Deep breath.

It's made life so much easier - she just eats what we eat and no battle of wills.

Weaning question - sometimes you put no salt in but meal still comes out quite salty. Eg potato dauphinois yesterday - the cheese I think. Is this bad?

soupmaker hello!! 9wo awwwww!

knickyknocks Thu 03-Oct-13 07:28:55

somewhere I don't think it's a problem. I always think our honours is quite salty and DS seems to enjoy it with no ill effects - that said I only give him a small amount. Spoke to the health visitor about this type of thing on Tuesday this week and she said as long as you're not actively adding salt then it's fine. Dauphinois potatoes is a great idea will give it a go with DS. Thanks for confidence re fusilli, will give it a go lunchtime. It's just such an easy lunch so want to try it asap!

knickyknocks Thu 03-Oct-13 07:31:15

Honours?! Autocorrect that to houmous!

GoatBongoAnonymous Thu 03-Oct-13 08:26:16

Another vote for metanium. Just don't get it on your clothes, it doesn't ever wash out!!

Hello soupmaker, lovely to have a new face!

Knicky, glad the Relate session went well. Take care of yourself - sometimes the healing process can be as painful as the thing it's helping, ime.

Sbr we didn't quite do blw thanks to the prematurity (couldn't hold stuff in his own hand!) but certainly BG has eaten what we have for ages. Is currently a pretty unfussy eater, long may that continue! A favourite is noodle cake - noodles with loads of veg made like a frittata with egg laced with sweet chilli sauce. He is also a soup freak. So handy as I often make a big batch for my own lunches so can just siphon off for him.

Yesterday for the first time ever BG came hurtling into the bedroom, grabbed my hand and marched me into the bathroom where he pointed at something he wanted but couldn't reach. Good cause and effect I thought! Shame it was Daddy's razor so he couldn't have it. What is it with BG and his obsession with sharp implements?!

EagleRay Thu 03-Oct-13 10:53:13

BBD I've caught your cold! Thankfully not feeling too bad thanks to DP doing night duty. Poor DD got a bit of a shock at 3am when she cried and it was daddy who appeared by the cot. He brought her down to be fed and then collected her afterwards and I went back to sleep til 7.30am - amazing! Feel I can cope with the day having had a decent amount of sleep.

Hello and welcome Soupmaker hope your boobs feel better soon

Knicky my approach with pasta was to buy tiny macaroni and then I chopped it up after cooking. Not at all BLW but she did like it. Cheese on toast is a big hit here - I do a bit of a pizza-style with tomato puree and mozzarella melted on top. Another favourite has been mashed potato with steamed veg chopped/pureed into it, plus some butter and cheese. Easy to spoon feed in the beginning, but now I just hand her lumps of it and she is very careful to get it all into her mouth as loves it so much!

Somewhere the thing I've really struggled with re BLW is the 'eat what we eat' bit. We share porridge in the morning and if I haven't got anything special for her at lunchtime I just hand her bits of whatever I've got, but in the evening we don't usually prepare dinner until after she's gone to bed so what do most BLW do?

Goat loving the communication re the razor in the bathroom - they certainly know what they can't have, don't they?

Very excited to have finally resolved (at least in part) the problem of how to keep DD's feet warm. Her feet are rather small (unlike mummy's size 9s) and so far have been sock refusers. Just bought some lovely soft baggy corduory pants from Vertbaudet which have a jersey lining and built-in feet! Not world-changing stuff but made me a bit happy this morning.

GoatBongoAnonymous Thu 03-Oct-13 11:04:27

The fuckers aren't going to take BG's premness into account for REF, so I have to produce three items of research. Fuckers! I am so angry and upset. i asked for a reduction of one and they won't let me.

Sorry. Had to put it somewhere as am at work and can't lose it. i promise I will be back to normal next time.

blueblackdye Thu 03-Oct-13 11:26:51

Hi Soupmaker, welcome and congrats for DD2. I had DS when 38 and DD called A on the thread, she is now 14 mo and I am closer to 43 than 42 now...
Goat, if you are worried, a call to the GP does not cost anything and could make you feel better.
Midget will join us next Weds, what time do you and others plan to get there ?
Knicky, Somewhere, fusili and penne were A's finger foods for a long time, I don't add salt in my cooking but if I use cheese and ready made stock sometimes, I don't think it is a big deal, but I might be wrong.
Scarecrow, are you and DD feeling a bit better now ? Hugs to you two and T of course. And also to baby Eagle
Wonder how MrsW, Chairman, Seaside, BadMiss, Cycle, FF are doing. Has anyone heard from them lately ?
Goal 1:Weds morning after DS drop off, go to swimming pool for an hour, sit and read for an onther hour, DS pick up and head to park, museum, playground or whatever he feels like.
Goal 2: putting baby cloth and toys for sales on the web
Goal 3: clear cupboards

blueblackdye Thu 03-Oct-13 11:38:15

Xpost, Eagle, I did not want to share mygerms with you, sorry.
Goat, ventit out here,no worries

blueblackdye Thu 03-Oct-13 11:51:09

Concept: elimination communication
Context: 14 mo mobile baby, nappy rash, baby loves fruits/veg esp pears....
Facts: Mummy runs after baby all morning to make sure she does not go anywhere near soft furniture... So far so good, not sure how long I am going to do this though smile

blueblackdye Thu 03-Oct-13 11:58:20

Knicky, meant to say what does not kill us makes us stronger. Xxxx

blueblackdye Thu 03-Oct-13 11:59:22

How come I did not know anything about Metanium !?

scarecrow22 Thu 03-Oct-13 13:21:09

<wanders in with aching throat, ears and eyes, but otherwise happy...>

I'm interested so many having good success with blw: T v enthusiastic about food but would have starves if he had to rely on self service! He's six mo next week (the day we hopefully meet) so maybe just needs a week or two more as I like many of you went early.

Re salt, I second the key thing is not to add salt, or I guess adult ready made food is low salt. I read in one weaning book that there is a recommended daily salt limit for 6-12 mo, it's just v low (but not zero as U had once imagined). I wonder if.this is also why many weaning recipes use ricotta, mascarpone etc, as they are lower in salt than other cheeses??

scarecrow22 Thu 03-Oct-13 13:59:13

Another day with DD to, I hope (for her) finally get over virus and eyes clear I have spent morning walking around neighbourhood with a 2yo Cindarella (with a red paint streak on her cheek, and blue tomboy boots!) I looked at her earlier playing "making mummy tea and pizza" and reflected that all my expectation I would have another tomboy like me was mocked by nature grin

It was also interesting discussing who in our lives were what Cindarella characters. "Am I the fairy God mother?" I asked hopefully? "No."... "A lady at the dance?" "No"... " so who am I?"..." "You're mummy." smilesmilesmile

rosiedays Thu 03-Oct-13 14:01:42

Hello lovely ladies.
Not doing too well here sad
Huge tooth abses (reacuring from a nasty car accident last year when air bag and seat belt failed and i face planted steering wheel and closed central London for 4 hours! !!!) Face like elephant man and just want to bang my head against a wall.
Started antibiotics today so hopefully start to feel human again soon and will catch up on thread. (Can't see or concentrate) dh is taking long w/e bless him.
Hugs to all. Xx

knottyhair Thu 03-Oct-13 14:45:21

So sorry for all the illnesses & especially a tooth abscess Rosie, they are horrible! Goat, hope baby Goat's nappies are better. Scarecrow, love the image of your DD smile. Hi to Soupmaker, welcome! I'm 45, have a DS of 9 and DD was a big shock surprise, born 17/12/12. Knicky, glad your first Relate went well, be gentle on yourself, it must be tough going.

Re: salt, DD is now 9 months and I've always avoided adding salt but she's loved cheese, hummus, marmite etc. from very early on (same as DS and he seems fine). I just try to limit these things, e.g if she has toast & marmite for breakfast, she doesn't have cheese later on in the day. The only things I haven't given her yet are processed meats like salami, ham etc. as they seem especially high in salt, and we use mature cheddar so she needs less of it for flavour. I was cooking our dinner earlier in the week, and she'd just finished hers and I let her suck a drop of fish sauce off my finger {bad mother alert} and she loved it, smacking her chops for ages afterwards. I think the limit for babies is 1g salt per day, and I'm pretty sure with salt in bread, cheese etc. that it's just as well we don't add any!

Looking forward to 9th - any thoughts on a time to meet? I'm pretty easy, takes about an hour by train for me, I just need to get a train home about 2.

scarecrow22 Thu 03-Oct-13 21:07:02

Bah! Was so cross with DH earlier I got shepherds pie out of oven and dropped it on the floor, then left for my run. Spent 45m imagining his home and he'd not even noticed! Harrumph.

scarecrow22 Thu 03-Oct-13 21:31:18

some of the things that unite us 40-somethings...

We Didn't Own An iPad

blueblackdye Fri 04-Oct-13 04:56:53

Happybirthday baby M !

scarecrow22 Fri 04-Oct-13 08:45:12

Ohh, is it Monkey's birthday?

If so, wishing you a year filled with more sleep, babyM adventures and happy times thankswinebrewbiscuit

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