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Do you always take your DCs to the GP to get rashes/illnesses checked out, even if they don't seem poorly?

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abigboydidit Mon 30-Sep-13 13:47:48

When I collected DS from nursery last week I was told he had signs of hand, foot and mouth disease and his key worker explained what to expect. I didn't take him to the Doctor as he seemed fine in himself and they had said there was no treatment needed, just paracetamol if in discomfort. He's 2.5. The next day DD (8 months) developed a similar rash but equally was showing no signs of discomfort so I didn't take her. Since then the rash had spread along her arms and legs but she is still bright and happy so I assumed it was just a wee viral rash and have been keeping an eye on it.

I discussed this with mums at my toddler group today and they were horrified! They took their DCs to the Doc with any cough, rash or upset tummy. Am I being too laid back?

SupermansBigRedPants Tue 01-Oct-13 01:15:55

Dd1 is 8 and has been maybe 3/4 times.
Ds is almost 2 and should live in the surgery.
Dd2 is 7 weeks and has never been.

Ds has a bad chest so when he gets a cough/cold I wait it out and often it clears, if it's stayed 3 days I take him to the doctors as he's been hospitalised before with his chest and I won't take the risk. the doctor has told us he'd rather see him than not.

A lot of the smaller things I tend to phone nhs24 for advice rather than annoy my doctor.

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