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Very proud of DD1 - but I don't know what to do!

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Slinky Mon 16-Feb-04 22:22:59

DD1 - now 8 - has been swimming since she was 4. She is good/quick and has mastered a superb stroke.

Tonight, at her usual lessons, she had a different teacher from her usual one. At the end of the lesson, he called her to one side for a chat. He then approached me and explained that he was a coach for a fairly local Swimming Club - and that he really thought she had the aptitude/strokes and had I thought about moving her into "Squads" in a Club.

This is fab - but I'm not sure whether she's ready. Both myself and DH are "ex-competitive" swimmers and we still remember the hard training that goes into (and we were both a lot older than DD1).

And another problem - my town has a Swimming Club that other friends attend. The bloke who runs it is a complete t***** - he once sent my friends 10yo old daughter home from a training session because she failed to attend the compulsory 4 sessions the week before - except he waited until she was in the pool and her dad had gone home. She then had to get out, and WALKED home because she had no money to call her dad! He humiliates the kids (reduced an 8yo boy to tears last week) so there is no way I'm sending DD1 to his Club - I completely understand they need to be hard on them whilst training - teenagers yes, but not 8/10 yo kids!!

This coach's Club runs about 1/2 hour drive away - or my old Club is again 1/2 hour drive.

I've asked her what she wants to do - she says she wants to do "Squads", but I'm wary whether the 1 hour round trip would be too much plus fitting in schoolwork. She's in Year 3 which currently gives out homework mainly at weekends, so not a problem - but I'm not sure about levels of homework dished out in Year 4.

Gggrrrr.....this is so rambly and waffly...I'm not sure what I'm asking really.....if the coach hadn't said anything, I would have been oblivious (although I know she is good) but he says she has real potential....

marialuisa Tue 17-Feb-04 09:21:56

I swam at county level when I was at school and TBH it's not something I'm keen for DD to get into! I think that the nearest club should be avoided like the plague esp as your DD is still so young. Could you let her attend the coach's club on a trial basis to see how things work out? If she's keen and she's good it seems a pity not to give it a go.

twiglett Tue 17-Feb-04 10:41:50

message withdrawn

Slinky Tue 17-Feb-04 11:18:55

Thanks, both of you

Had a chat this morning with my friends FIL (also my neighbour) who is the Ex-Chairman of my local Swimming Club, but still is one of the coachs. Spoke about DD1 but also my dislike of the new Chairman. (My friend who lives in my road also has children in the club).

Friends FIL assures me that new CM has moved from teaching the young children and is mainly in charge of the late teenage group.

He has also offered to "slip" my DD1 into his class (normally has a waiting list with a stern Secretary in charge ) - in which case I would be thrilled with as he is a fab. coach.

Thinking on it some last night, I was rather reluctant to commit 2/3 lots of driving each week, particularly as I have 2 younger children and a DH who commutes to London so is never around in the evenings.

So what I've decided for now is to keep her where she is to build up her stamina for "length" swimming until the summer. Go on our holiday (and we also happen to be going with my friend and her FIL!!!!) and take it from there.

If, at any point, DD1 doesn't want to go then it will stop. Both DH and I (both County level swimmers) "retired" at 15 - I found it difficult to fit in sessions and study for my O levels.

marialuisa Tue 17-Feb-04 11:31:45

That sounds good. My reasons for not wanting DD to swim seriously are purely selfish, to do with it eating into w/e etc. Thankfully we've got a while to go!

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