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Chronic wind won't come up for poor DD - can you help please?

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dellabob Sun 15-Sep-13 12:41:46

I need Mners advice.
My 6 week old DD is a wonderful contended baby but she can not get her wind up. She ends up with chronic stomach pain and thrashes around until she parps it out. I burp her, but absolutely nothing comes up. i rub her tummy and sometimes this helps, but most if the time it hurts her. Its much worse after her first block of sleep at night when she's been lying down on her back for 5 hours. I've tried infacol before each feed which doesn't seem to work, but winding her at 2/4am is getting to be really draining especially after up to an hour BF.

We have to use a nipple shield and i wonder if this is making her take in more air?

Have you got any advice or tips that worked for you please as its really hard to watch her go through this every day?

cupcake78 Sun 15-Sep-13 12:47:28

Gripe water! Infacol is rubbish. Feed her as upright as you can. Watch what you eat (someone will tell you this is a load of rubbish but honestly it affected my children). Yes nipple shield may be adding to it.

Warm boiled water helps wind pass through!

mumofboyo Sun 15-Sep-13 13:12:18

My dc had probs with wind. With ds we used gripe water and colief which helped him immensely. With dd we used dentinox to break up the air bubbles.

Another thing that helped was the way I held them. Google 'tiger in the tree' as a way of holding them. I think the pressure on their tummy helps soothe them, especially if you use the free hand to rub or tap their back.

Also, have you tried winding a different way? I found tapping to cause dd, who had reflux issues, to vomit almost all her milk back up and more pain. Instead, I held her under the chin and gently rocked her back and forth on my knee, and round in circles one way and the other. The gentle pressure on the tummy helped bring the wind up but not as forcefully as tapping.

Another thing, have you tried chocking up the bed/mattress so that she is at a slight angle rather than laying flat? Again, as my dd had reflux we found this helped keep the milk down and avoided the pain of the acid coming up. You could perhaps ask for advice on how to put her to sleep on her side safely, if sleeping on her back is too uncomfortable for her?

dellabob Sun 15-Sep-13 13:17:03

When would I use the warm water and how much? Is that ok for such a young age?

dellabob Sun 15-Sep-13 13:19:53

Ooh, thanks mumofboyo

Will try those things too. I rolled a small towel under her mattress last night to see if helped, think eased slightly.
Googling now...

mumofboyo Sun 15-Sep-13 13:20:12

Sorry for clogging up your thread.

You could also ask about a baby massage course. There are some simple movements and strokes that help with digestion and trapped wind, such as the 'I Love You' stroke, where you make an I, L and U shape slowly across her abdomen, then an anticlockwise 'full moon half moon' stroke, followed by slowly and gently bicycling her legs and doing the actions to 'if you're happy and you know it' and 'wind the bobbin up' songs with her legs and feet.
This all helped both my dc relieve their trapped wind, we used to do the massage with them every night before bed, it calmed them down, got rid of trapped wind and helped with bonding.

kerry85 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:21:45

We found dentinox worked a treat with both children, also, with my first daughter I would put her on her front over my knees and gently rub her back, that always worked for us.

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