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9 month stuff

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Kafri Sun 15-Sep-13 03:45:13

So I think we've hit sleep regression again...
DS is waking around 2/3am and wanting milk. I can only think regression as I can't really see he can be 'hungry' but only milk will work so maybe I'm wrong.

Typically, each day, he has milk at 7am, bowl of Cheerios about 9, lunch at 10 (good quantity - can finish a jar if I'm using a jar)followed by a small yoghurt, milk at 3pm then tea - same quantity ad lunch, usually a little less (his choice) followed by fruit and maybe a Heinz biscotti then milk at 7pm. He'll usually have. A couple of nibbles of bits and bobs in between too.

Anyway, am I over feeding him and am I making this worse by him wanting more milk in the nights again.

We dropped his 4th bottle in the day a while ago - he was leaving it so cut it out and he's started leaving some of his morning and aft bottles now too.

He's just woke and had 5 oz then (hopefully) gone straight back down.

Also, we do bedtime bottle at 7 and he's usually in bed by 7.20 but its getting later and later by the time he's falling asleep at the min. Should I think about pushing bedtime back a little? I can't get him to nap any earlier in the day so usually naps about 4pm and I don't leave him any later than 5 but he won't nap of I try to put him down earlier so do I therefore need to make bedtime a little later?


delasi Sun 15-Sep-13 20:26:24

Not 100% sure on all of your points, but wanted to add that we also have a 9mo DS who has also been going through a sleep regression, hoping to be coming out of it at the moment.

To give you an idea, he wakes 7-8am and goes down to bed 7-8am. He starts the day with a bowl of Ready Brek and fruit puree, has milk about an hour later. Goes down down for his first nap 10-11am and sleeps for 2h. Has lunch around 1pm (pasta, meat, veg, fruit, whatever it may be), followed by milk. Has his second nap 3-4pm for 1-2h. Dinner around 6pm, like lunch. Another bottle happens some time between second nap and bed time. It doesn't sound to me like your DS is overfed, if he's happy and not gaining weight at an exponential rate then he's probably just right.

It was during the regression that DS actually changed his routine a lot - was going to bed later before and having smaller cat naps throughout the day. We follow his lead quite a bit and he seemed to want to have longer naps and to go to bed earlier. If you think he might prefer a slightly later bedtime then there is no harm in trying imo, look for his tired cues and if he's sleepy at 7:30pm instead of 7pm, eg, then put him down at that time instead.

At the beginning of the regression, it was mainly teething bothering him and Calpol was the only way to get him to sleep at night. Now it's hunger (well, I call it hunger, he wakes up and only milk will settle him), so for the last couple of nights we have been giving DS a dream feed when we go to bed (around midnight) and that seems to have worked as he doesn't wake up after, whereas before he was waking around 3-4am for milk. We will wait a couple of days and then try him without a dream feed and go from there. I think it's reasonable to assume hunger, as I understand the 9mo regression is also a growth spurt. Plus with all of the developmental milestones, crawling, cruising, etc, they must be burning a lot more energy than before.

It will soon pass smile

mummyxtwo Sun 15-Sep-13 21:00:11

Dd2 had sleep regression around 9.5mo, waking loads during the night but just grumping rather than full-on waking up crying for milk, and then early starts... hmm I was a little mean and refused to give her milk at night in case it became a habit - might have been different if she was really upset, but she was more just awake and chatting. Nearly killed me for a few weeks but lately her sleep has started to improve (she is now 10.5mo) and last night she slept through till 6.10am, which is good for her. I think they go through a period of brain growth and development around this age and can end up more awake and alert at night than usual. It does pass!

delasi Sun 15-Sep-13 21:23:39

Oh, just realised something... he goes down to bed at 7-8^pm^. smile

delasi Sun 15-Sep-13 21:24:17

Ahem. 7-8 pm.

Kafri Sun 15-Sep-13 21:49:32

Thanks guys.

Just re read my OP. lunch should say 12 not 10...

We're in the process of reducing his reflux meds too but I don't think it's that that's waking him as he isn't doing the 'squeal of pain' that we used to get in the early days before he was put on meds or when they needed increasing. So far, anyway (fingers crossed)

He woke at 3.30 this morning, had 5oz then went back to bed with a little muttering to himself. Woke then at 8 (presumably sleeping later as he's tired from being up in the night??)

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