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Anyone else's LO having trouble settling into big school?

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banana87 Fri 13-Sep-13 10:24:50

DD1 (4) cried all the way to school this morning and said no one plays with her hmm she is at a new school and only has 2 familiar faces in her class (both boys). I spoke to her teacher at drop off and she said all of them are still getting to know each other and some children haven't leaned how to play with others yet (???). I am heartbroken :-( please tell me it gets better!! DD is very very shy.

nextphase Fri 13-Sep-13 13:33:44

DS1 started reception middle of last week.
He is shattered - and he's used to being at nursery all day 5 days a week.
The only names he's mentioned are the couple of kids (out of 90) who he already knows.

I'd give it some time - and if shes half as tired as DS1 is, a gentle weekend will hopefully help out.

The teacher may well not mean DD can't interact, but that other kids there can't very well which limits the kids she can play with.

If its still the same next week, could you suggest to the teacher they pair them up for some activities, to get some friendships going?

Can you eleive how much you baby has grown up in the past 4 years??? I'm still in shock!

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