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Is 7 too young for a sleepover?

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airyfairy1978 Thu 12-Sep-13 23:42:41

Want to make DDs birthday special. Thinking 2-4 friends. Would you let ypur 7yo DC go to a slerpover?
Am a bit insecure because we live in a well-to-do area but we're a bit on the poor side-live in shabby rented while DDs friends' parents are significantly better off. I know this doesn't matter a jot to kids but I'm not sure if it would to the parents? I guess I feel a bit inadequate and don't want my DC to be disappointed...

EpsilonMinus Fri 13-Sep-13 04:14:17

My 7yo DS has had one sleepover with his best friend. I was worried, but it went well and he was fine. His friend was pushing for it for ages, mainly because he has a big sister who has regular sleepovers with her friends.

I never went on a sleepover until I was 8 or 9 (I think, old gimmer now) and so I wasn't really expecting mine to go till that age too.

Tonight we are hosting DS's best friend for the first time, so I am feeling nervous!

I wouldn't worry about your house - why should the parents or kids care? Chances are they won't even notice. Even if they do, they (should) be so grateful you're kind enough to give them a night off they won't mind that your house isn't on the cover of Homes and Gardens!

One thing I did think, though. As this is a first for you and your DD (and maybe her friends too), do you think it might be easier on everyone just to have one friend stay the night? That way you can ease into the whole thing before you have to manage a whole group of over-excited girls overnight! wink

Ibby6 Fri 13-Sep-13 08:59:03

I have 3 children aged 7,7 and 9 and all three have been having sleepovers at friends whose parents I know since they were about 6. It depends really on how confident they are but most are fine aged 7 I'd say. wink

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