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DD wants a TV in her room!

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Tw1nkle Sun 08-Sep-13 18:45:03

We're thinking about getting a tv for our DD's room.
We currently have Sky, and whilst I would like to get rid of it, it costs a small fortune it does have REALLY good parental controls.

If we keep sky, we can get multiroom for my DD's room, and use the great controls.

However - she will be 5 - is this too young - even with the parental controls? She's pretty good, and would only have it on when she is allowed.

Advice appreciated!

LegoDragon Mon 09-Sep-13 19:17:27

My DC have a TV in their rooms. It's nice for the and gives them down time, and has controls on. At night, when I check on them, I take out the plug thing completely from the TV and keep it in my room, but they're always asleep by then anyway- and it's not late when I check on them! They love the TV and don't watch too much. Spongebob and Dora are their favourites, they love watching some films for their age which we have too. They also read, draw and play. Having a TV means we can watch what we want and is good for me and the same as watching the main TV but we both get to watch what we want.

My don is nearly 4. He has a tv with built in DVD player. He can put a dvd in but he cant use remote.

I know its off as I turn it off when hes asleep. I go to the toilet and check. If hes asleep it goes off and if he isn't it stays on.

Some nights he just goes to bed with no TV as hes that tired. Once hes asleep that's it no waking up and if he should wake he comes and finds me any way.

It doesn't affect his sleep, he doesn't spend all day upstairs. Why would he? There's a perfectly good TV downstairs grin

I also have the TV playing in the back ground. He plays and watches it or we have music channels on. I cant cope with having no back ground noise when we are at home.

2kidsintow Mon 09-Sep-13 20:32:44

My 2 are now 8 and 12. They have never once been caught with the TV on when it shouldn't be. DD playing with her mobile phone was another matter

DH has the strategy that if they are using something when they shouldn't be, it goes in the loft for a week. smile

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